Snowball maniacs at Columbus Park


Can’t snowy fun just be harmless?

Just overheard on the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel:

“Group of about 10 kids at Columbus Park throwing snowballs and ice at anything and everything, cars, people – including one woman who was 9 months pregnant.”

This apparently started near 9th and Grand and moved over to 10th and Clinton.

What happened to the old fashioned snowball fight between “teams?”


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strand tramp
strand tramp

[quote comment=”133724″][quote comment=”133698″]i have to call them once a month just to collect the passed out homeless guys in front of my building. then there are the screaming bleeding fights in front of the bar by my home once every few weeks. then there are the car accidents at the intersections. i must have seen at least 10 major impacts, including one where 2 cop cars hit each other at 3rd/grand. one of the cars ended up plowing into a building. then there are the cars that try to get across an intersection during the floods…must have called the cops to rescue them a dozen times. my car window smashed only twice…
have you lived here long?[/quote]

Sure, I’ve lived here for years. It’s just that based on reading your posts for about the past two years, the idea of you calling the cops is … well … hilarious. I always figured that you’d come roaring out the front door like the Kool Aid man, packing a pair of Peacemakers, well used, in your concert T-shirt, whities and a pair of worn out Timberland work boots.

I would have figured on something that looks like Ted Nugent goes to Thunderdome, that’s all. A little “self help” in the law & order dept.[/quote]
you have quite an imagination. and let’s face it, where are you going to bury a body around here anyway? with the waterfront improved now you can’t even find a dark spot to send somebody fishing either.


[quote comment=”133812″]If hoboken was Barter Town then Strand Tramp would rule it.[/quote]

So you’re saying he’s…Master Blaster or Tina Turner?


If hoboken was Barter Town then Strand Tramp would rule it.


Has anyone lived in a city???? Hilarious…No wonder people step all over you, and your only recourse is posting on this site. Grow a set of balls and scare the the shit out of the scum that threatens you and the city you pay taxes’s much easier than you think.

Tama Murden

Re 29: Thanks!

I hope the pregnant woman filed a police report.
And I hope she & her baby are OK.

Re the long-ago Elysian Park incident…a police report was filed by the injured woman, within 15 mins. of the incident, noting the recording officer & report #.

HPD follow-up was nil, including Chief Carmen, who was witnessed to stage-whisper to the records-clerk, to not release the police report, when the beaned-woman showed up to retrieve it.

She was reportedly told that no report existed. And when she named the officer w/whom it had been filed, was told by Carmen that there were several officers by the same name. When asked if he could check as to which of those same-named officers were on duty the night the report was filed, etc., Carmen & entourage stone-walled.

The ice-ball had been hurled from an Applied Companies’ building.