Want to be a poll worker?


Help make voting more efficient in Hoboken

ravinder-bhalla-hoboken-nj.jpgDo any of you recall the massive delays at the Hoboken voting locations during the last election?

Hoboken committee person Ravinder Bhalla (who’s also running for Council At-large in May), said:

“I’m initiating an effort to get more residents to apply and serve as poll workers, as one means of addressing problems related to unqualified poll workers. This is something that applies Citywide and I’d like everyone eligible in Hoboken to consider serving as a poll worker if interested.”

District Boardworker Application

If you’re dismayed about the troubling lack of organization of professionalism at polling locations in Hoboken, I have been working with the Board of Elections to try to avoid this problem in the future. Here are my immediate recommendations to avoid this problem in the future:
Read Ravi’s recommendations after the jump!

(How to volunteer at the polls this spring, continued…)

  1. Serve as a Poll Worker on Election Day this Spring! We need dedicated and competent individuals administering the electoral process. One way to achieve this goal is to apply to serve as a poll worker. I believe it would be a wonderful civic experience and a way for you to provide a real contribution to our local community. I am attaching a District Boardworker Appointment Application that I received from the Hudson County Board of Elections. If you are interested in serving as a poll worker, please fill out the application. Please note the following:
    • If you are a Republican, send your application to Judy Mangine, Board of Elections, 595 Newark Avenue, 3rd Floor, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306; Ms. Mangine’s contact number is 201-795-6036;
    • If you are a Democrat, send your application to Priscilla Rosa, 595 Newark Avenue, 3rd Floor, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306; Ms. Rosa’s contact number is 201-795-6029;
    • If you are undeclared/unaffiliated, send your application to Judy Mangine;
    • Please note that the Board of Elections are understaffed on Republican poll workers – by law they must have an even number of Democrat and Republican poll workers at each location. If you are a registered Republican, I would particularly request that you consider applying;
    • If you submit the attached application in February, you will receive a response by March or early April;
    • For new poll workers, they would like to conduct their training session in April and try to have new poll workers in place by the May municipal elections;
    • Please contact me and keep me posted if you decide to apply and serve as a poll worker – thank you!
  2. Polling location: We are also trying to determine whether there is a better polling location. The Board of Elections would like to consider moving the polling location to the Hudson Tea Buildings (this applies to Ward 2, District 3 only). If anyone has any thoughts about this issue or can suggest a more suitable polling location, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your interest in this issue.

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I wonder how many of the people that work there are really democrates (whatever that means) and just registered as republicans to get the jobs. $12.50/hour ($200, maybe a 16 hour day?) tax free isn’t bad.


[quote comment=”133377″]I think it’s a great idea to try and get some new poll workers, especially some new young people if possable.[/quote]

Well compared to the ladies that work in the 4th Ward I’m a “kid” 😉


yes, please leave out fact like training in “administration and public policy” out of the discussion. Those skills are not needed in Hoboken

Mary Anne
Mary Anne

I think it’s a great idea to try and get some new poll workers, especially some new young people if possable.


[quote comment=”133295″][quote comment=”133292″][quote comment=”133280″]Ravi is running for one of the at large council seats.

I strongly recommend voting for him. Ravi received a bachelor ’s degree in political psychology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1995, and his master ’s degree in public administration and public policy from the London School of Economics in 1996. He then graduated with a law degree from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1999.

Pretty solid background to bring to the council.

His platflorm is what is most important in casting a vote for him, not his multiple degrees.[/quote]

Very true.[/quote]
True, but his multiple degrees are indicator of his exposure (i.e. he has a passport) and perhaps even a degree of intelligence and knowledge. I don’t know the guy but he seems to be a good change. Good for him.