New Devotion Yoga location


Devotion Yoga is taking the place of the doomed Galerie Attienette location on 14th Street (Sovereign building).

devotion yoga 14th street hoboken - New Devotion Yoga location

Second location in Hoboken

“Devotion Yoga, Hoboken’s premiere yoga studio offering more than 35 classes per week, today announced it would be opening a third location in Uptown Hoboken. Located in the Sovereign Building at 4 14th Street, Devotion’s latest addition is at the center of the city’s prestigious waterfront community and sits just across from Manhattan’s stunning skyline. Slated to open at the end of February 2009, with classes starting March 1st, the new studio will expand Devotion’s Hoboken family and offer Hudson-area residents another dynamic and nurturing place to practice yoga.

Close to fashionable boutiques, exquisite dining and a bustling marina, Devotion’s third studio will cater to Hoboken’s vast Shipyard community, and anyone else with a desire to practice at the new Uptown location.

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(Devotion Yoga opens a third Hoboken location, continued…)

In addition to Devotion’s weekly scheduled yoga classes, the studio also offers a popular meditation series, a beginner program, pre and postnatal yoga, teacher training sessions, retreats, baby/kid’s programs, and energy-infused Kirtan events which feature call-and-response forms of chanting performed in India’s devotional traditions.

Liza Bertini, Founder and Director of Devotion Yoga relates, “We at Devotion are committed to sharing the gifts and benefits of yoga, and helping individuals seek enjoyment from their life’s journey.

With all of the chaos and upheaval people are experiencing due to a questionable economic climate, it can be hard for them to find the balance and sense of peace that aids that journey. That is why we decided that 2009 is going to be our year to help people find those key elements. Opening our new Uptown studio puts us one step closer to reaching that goal. Taking a yoga class doesn’t make anyone’s financial woes go away or world worries disappear— but it does allow them to become more centered and healthy individuals. When your mind and body are balanced, you are much more capable of handling life’s challenges.”

Devotion Yoga is currently offering new Membership opportunities including a wallet-friendly Balanced-Membership which gives yogi’s the opportunity to practice yoga at the Downtown and Uptown studios. This limited-time $99.00/month offer requires a 3-month commitment and is renewable at the end of the term.

For more information about Devotion’s new Uptown studio, or to inquire about classes at the Downtown or LBI locations, be sure to visit for the most up-to-date information and happenings. Devotion Yoga 79 Hudson Street, Suite LL 103, Hoboken, NJ 07030, (201) 610-9642.

Devotion Yoga is a community dedicated to creating a safe, peaceful, and non-competitive environment which offers individuals the opportunity to learn the practice of yoga through classes, workshops and related events. We are committed to providing high quality, inspiring, unique, and balanced programming that support our members in living a healthy and fulfilling life.”

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 8:57 am

This is a great business that she runs. Good luck to her! I suspect it will go very well and she probably got a nice rent out of applied who is happy to rent anything these days…

Monday, February 2, 2009 3:16 pm

Smart Move.

Maybe Shipyard residents will ease their Turning Point guilt with a pre-breakfast Yoga class? :mrgreen:

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