The OTHER Jam Session


After 5 years of running a successful Jam session in Teaneck, NJ, Hobokenite Roland Ramos finally has one close to home. This 4th and Jackson resident is doing a test run of “The OTHER JAM SESSION” through the end of February. “The longevity of the jam is totally dependent upon attendance.”

shades hoboken jam session 2 - The OTHER Jam Session

Jam Session at Shades Bar

What: The OTHER JAM SESSION. A free Jam session w/ a hot new bartender. A great place for Boozing, Socializing, and listening to awesome music. The reason people might want to attend is because they don’t have to be tied down to ONLY A BLUES JAM SESSION!

Who: Host Roland Ramos

Where: Shades Bar @ The Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street)

When: Every Wednesday in February (starting Feb 4th)

How: Come at 8:00pm to sign up, Jam starts at 9:00pm

More info:

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