Live Blog: Super Bowl Commercials

2/1/2009 Update:

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning their sixth Super Bowl!!

pittsburgh steelers super bowl xliii champs - Live Blog: Super Bowl Commercials

See transcript of live blog after the jump…

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2/1/2009 Bump:

Swing back at 6pm to share your thoughts about the hyped-up Super Bowl Commercials (and the game if you so desire!)


Even if you’re not interested in football – one thing that many people seem to talk about at the “water cooler” the day after the Super Bowl – is the commercials.

I’ve set up a Live Hoboken411 Blog – specifically for the commercials that will air during tomorrows broadcast of the big game. Come back here at 6pm to share your thoughts!

hoboken discusses the super bowl commercials - Live Blog: Super Bowl Commercials

What’s on tap this year?

It seems like Budweiser is the big advertiser – with many various spots, along with the usual Coke and Pepsi campaigns. No U.S. car makers seem to be spending the millions to get a spot – but Audi and Hyundai have bought in. Rounding out the car categories are some related products such as motor oil, tires and used vehicles.

One commercial that might garner a lot of interest is the Cash4Gold spot – with entertainment washups MC Hammer and Ed McMahon.

The usual scantily-clad Go Daddy commercial will run as well (although I think Go Daddy is a horrible domain registrar!)

Others commercials will include movie previews, dog food (Pedigree promoting pet adoption), Denny’s, E-Trade (the talking babies), and so on.

Share your thoughts when the blog goes live at 6pm Sunday!

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Alot of times, people have jewelery lying around that they don’t wear anymore, maybe some Tiffany jewelry, maybe a diamond necklace that you haven’t worn in years. Instead of taking up used space, why not make some money from all those jewelry pieces you haven’t even looked at for a long time? Sell jewelry, sell diamonds, sell watches, or even antique coins. Doesn’t matter, these items will always have great value. And theres no better place than NYC to sell jewelry, where the heart of the diamond district is. You can sell diamonds in NYC, you can sell gold in NYC, doesn’t matter. In the Diamond District, anything goes.


Go Daddy’s commercials sucked ass.


[quote comment=”132684″]Whats with the picture accompanying this article ? I guess nothing speaks Super Bowl championship or advertising as the winning teams logo acting as a rising moon on the horizon…. :?[/quote]

Because you could have provided us with a better view of the “moon”? :mrgreen:


My favorites were the Bridgestone one where the tires get stolen from the lunar landing vehicle and the CareerBuilders one. The Clydesdale fetching the huge stick was pretty good, too. But nothing will ever top Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.


[quote comment=”132633″]I think Bud’s quieter, gentle Clydesdales spots captured the mood of the country right now. For a Belgian company, Bud sure knows how to sell patriotism!

Per usual, most of the spots were beyond stupid. Career Builders did a decent job of sticking with the product while being funny.

(video added by admin)[/quote]

I LOVED this one. Thanks for sharing it :).