Hoboken Week in Review – 2/1/2009


Super Bowl not so super for most of us

Other than for the die-hard fans that attend the super-popular Pittsburgh Steelers bar – much of the excitement for today’s Super Bowl has been whittled away. However, you can always join the Super Bowl Chat to talk about the hyped commercials that will air!

So, what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, February 2, 2009?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Are city salaries too high?
    Topping our list of most popular posts: Are our city public employees overpaid? Or is the high pay deserved for all the hard work they do protecting citizens?
  2. Some feel they should scale back like the rest of us
    Coming in at second – the conversation continues as a group of Hoboken residents offer suggestions on how the Fire and Police departments should cut some bennies in order to keep the taxes in check.
  3. It’s a Family Affair?
    Rounding off the public scrutiny on city employees – is a video that a Hoboken resident provided – that sheds some light on how many relatives are on the payroll.
  4. One in – many more to go…
    Dawn Zimmer is the first candidate to throw their hat into the ring in the race for Mayor in May.
  5. What the Cluck?
    Fast Food chicken place Cluck-U opens up – to a warm reception from most readers.
  6. Intersections remain a big problem in Hoboken
    One local resident is struck by a car, bringing up a consistent issue of how to handle our dense city of vehicles.
  7. Hoboken Hospital having money issues
    Hoboken University Medical Center says it’s millions behind the curve. Hospital Rep Joan Quigley addresses residents concerns.
  8. Are Rents still too high?
    A story about how rents are falling in big markets like NYC – leads to questions about how Hoboken’s rents will be affected – even with the 47% property tax increase.
  9. A bleak economic future?
    Many folks are running scared – worried that we’re headed for very bad times. Hoboken residents share their opinions.
  10. No money problems for this Hoboken Poker player!
    Hobokenite Todd Terry racks up over $400,000 by coming in second in a big poker tournament down in Atlantic City.

Other noteworthy stories

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