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Hoboken411 reader Litteredboken sent me a note this morning, along with a forwarded message from Jersey City Councilman Steve Fulop. Packed with information! One thing that caught my eye was the section entitled “constituent feedback needed” – hard to believe but true!

Where are OUR nifty updates?

I got this forwarded by my boss who, oddly enough, doesn’t even live in Jersey City. Being a Hoboken resident, I was struck by two things:

  • First, that there IS relevant Hoboken news in this, about the Hoboken/Jersey City walkway.
  • Second, singing the same old tune, why can’t our city council update US on things? Hoboken is so small yet there is plenty of news to be known. A note to those interested in running our city: how about taking a page from Fulop’s book?

Maybe we ought to make sure the newly elected officials know how to use the “internets” and can also put together a sentence. Can a literacy test be made mandatory for those running?

Happy Friday,

Winter 2009 Update from Councilman Steven Fulop

jersey city councilman steven fulop - Informative JC Councilman FulopI hope you had a warm and happy holiday season. As we enter 2009 I want to keep you abreast of relevant happenings in Ward “E”. Should you have any additional questions, please reach out and let me know.


PATH: Thank you to those of you who used the website as a tool to reach Governor Corzine, Governor Patterson, and the Port Authority board regarding improvements to the PATH station at Newport. At the Dec 17th Port Authority meeting, a $6.5 million expenditure was approved to facilitate added commuters to the Newport station. I will be updating the FIX MY PATH site shortly to push more aggressively for weekend and night service changes. Thanks again for your help.

Turnpike Ramp: I have included a link to a short presentation, which details a plan that will eliminate thousands of cars per day that use our residential streets, whether as a cut through to the Holland Tunnel or a quick route to our own commercial waterfront.

This is a shorter version of a presentation that will be given over the next few months at each of the community associations meetings and that has already been presented the community associations’ leadership.

While this is not a city funded project, I am including it for the reason that it is important you are aware of any transportation issues that will impact the city, and secondly because the traffic studies that have been conducted indicate that this will alleviate a tremendous amount of car traffic through our neighborhoods.

If you would like to know more about this please contact me and I can provide additional information on when the next meeting will take place.


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(Steve Fulop informs Jersey City residents, continued…)

Newark Ave Redevelopment: The Newark Ave Streetscape project was awarded to Jogi Construction Edison, N.J. for $1.533 million at the January 14th council meeting. Construction will begin in March, weather permitting, and should be completed around November 2009. This has been an initiative that I have frequently updated you on as we have changed the zoning for restaurants; implemented a redevelopment plan on the south side of the street; and are now investing in the streetscape in order to make Newark Ave a pedestrian friendly destination area for residents and visitors.

Traffic Lights: Several new traffic lights have been approved and are scheduled to be constructed in the next 3 months. These are 9th & Marin, Christopher Columbus & Warren, and Montgomery & Warren. The traffic light at Montgomery & Warren is near completion.

Booting: The change to the booting policy will be on the next council agenda. The city will now have one consistent policy on booting which will eliminate the current “booting on first offense” policy. There are also changes to the hours of street parking in order to facilitate added resident parking opportunities in 2009. While there will always be parking issues, I feel this will go a long way in resolving the most serious of them.

Christopher Columbus Drive update: Resurfacing, sidewalks, and catch basin work has been progressing very well and all work should be complete in early spring.

Jersey Avenue Improvements: I am working with the administration and the neighborhood associations to replant all the open tree beds along Jersey Ave, as well as provide garbage cans at every intersection. This project is undertaken to create a clean and pleasant pathway from Newark Avenue to our beautiful Hamilton Park.

School 3 after school program: Joseph Macchi has recently been appointed Director of Recreation for the City. Joe Macchi is committed to working with School 3 (Bright Street ) to be open late for a new recreational after school program. I want to publicly thank Joe for his willingness to work with our constituents on this important initiative.
This program started 2 weeks ago and occurs every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5 p.m. For more information, call the Department of Recreation at (201) 547-5003.


Hamilton Park Renovation: We have come a long way with this process by building consensus and securing the funding for the park’s renovation. This past summer the RFP went out to potential bidders and the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder.

While this is positive, the start of the renovation was unavoidably delayed when one of the losing bidders contested the award based on a procedural concern with the bid process. Subsequently, we placed another RFP out that had 14 respondents and again it was contested. While the city sorts through the procedural issues, you should know the city is committed to moving this forward.

I share in your frustration, but I want you to know that the funding is secured and I continue to push for this renovation to happen as soon as possible.

Hoboken/Jersey City Walkway: (on 411) Construction has started this summer on connecting the Hoboken and Jersey City waterfronts via a pedestrian walkway. This has been a much anticipated project, which will further expand Jersey City’s accessibility and world class waterfront views. Per our primary contact at the NJ Transit, it appears that the work continues on this $8.9 million dollar project, which is on schedule to be completed in May.

Four Corner Park: Working together with the Historic Paulus Hook Association, the Jersey City Board of Education has given final written commitment to remove the trailers located at the corner of Grand Street and Washington Street in the fall of 2010.

This has been in the works for years and we will now be given the opportunity to create improved open space for the school and city. I remain dedicated to working with the neighborhood and the JCBOE in order to provide a smooth transition for the students.

Paulus Hook Park: This privately owned and maintained public park is located at the corner of Greene Street and Essex Street. The Colgate Center Property Association, which consists of the developers and landowners in the area, was scheduled to be in front of the Jersey City Planning Board on January 20th to seek approval for an important renovation.

The renovation was approved with some slight modifications. The group will invest $250k of private money for the elimination of much of the pavement, introduction of significantly more landscaping, and to completely upgrade of the children’s play equipment.


Road Resurfacing: Over the past 4 years, Ward “E” has seen its most extensive repaving initiative since the early 1990s. Every January I solicit input from residents on which streets need to be added to the list. If you have any recommendations that you would like passed on to engineering please reply to this e-mail with exact blocks.

Abandoned Buildings: With the economic downturn having an impact on housing maintenance and foreclosures, the city does have strong policies in place to help insure that neglected buildings are corrected. You, as the residents living in the area, know best what is happening in your immediate neighborhood. If you have any housing on your block that has been neglected or abandoned please email exact address and I will work to have it corrected.


Hybrid School Board: As I sent out in a previous email, I have opposed the Mayor’s Hybrid Board proposal, which would override the voter’s selection of an elected Board of Education. The Hybrid board will create more politics in the school system and less accountability while disregarding the will of the voters. This legislation is in Trenton, so please reach out to your state assembly representative to convey the need to respect the will of the voters as demonstrated at this past November’s election.


I continue to be concerned by a lack of a municipal budget from the administration. In tough economic times it is crucial to be proactive with a budget to make sure that necessary budget cuts can happen in a timely manner to save residents from unnecessary tax increases. I am attaching a recent article so you are all abreast of the budget concerns, Click here.

Upcoming Meetings That May Be of Interest to You

January 27, @ 630PM- Jersey City Families for Better Schools (JCFBS) is holding a seminar at Cordero School hosted by Shelley Skinner and Councilman Steven Fulop. The topic is “Economic Downturn’s Impact on Urban Education”. Cordero (PS #37) is located at 158 Erie Street.

January 29, 2009, @6PM – The second public meeting for JERSEY CITY MOBILITY 2050 in the City Hall council chambers. The purpose is to create an action-oriented master plan for Jersey City’s multi-modal transportation network (including light rail, PATH, bus, ferry, bicycle facilities, sidewalks, and roadways) through the year 2050.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you on the City Council


Steven M. Fulop

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I contributed to Fulop’s Civic JC fund and got on his email list. This one was particularly good. He does a great job as Councilman in Jersey City.


Judy Tripodi (Hoboken’s Fiscal Control Officer) should take some of this young man’s lead. She is remiss in letting the public know what is going on. She depends on the current elected representatives (the same one’s that have caused this financial mess) to impart what’s going on. Again as Richard Turner said while chairing the Hoboken’s session before the NJ Local Gov’t. Finance Board…Where’s your plan…yes, Judy….where’s your plan…will it be in writing? or will our great mayor and council have the info. to impart? LOL with our taxpayer dollars. We have given you your chance…when are you going to deliver like Fulop?
😈 😈 😈


I used to live in Fulop’s district. Once, I sent him an email regarding some noise issue and to my surprise, in a few hours he answered my email and offered some solution to the problem. He also sends periodic emails with information about what is going on in the district. Somehow, the idea of using internet for government communications with citizens does not seem to have moved from JC to Hoboken.


The MS Power Point presentation seems to be a bad link.


Fulop is awesome, he’s my councilman and get this, he actually listens to his constituents and has made an effort to get stuff done. you can even find him posting on jclist too. Unfortunately he has decided not to throw his hat in the ring against Healy in the next election cycle.