Zimmer announces Council Ticket


Today, 4th Ward Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Dawn Zimmer announced her all-newcomer council ticket:

dawn zimmer council slate - Zimmer announces Council Ticket

Zimmer announces council slate

“Hoboken Mayoral Candidate Dawn Zimmer today unveiled her slate of at-large Council Candidates. Carol Marsh, Ravi S. Bhalla and Dave Mello will join Zimmer in her fight to set a new direction for Hoboken.

Dawn Zimmer said, “Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello bring the skills, energy and demonstrated commitment to fundamental change that will be essential to ending business as usual and building a better future for Hoboken.”

Carol Marsh said, “The budget tricks of the past are what helped get us in our current mess. We will work to ensure sound and honest budgets. That will give us the solid foundation we need to minimize the tax burden for all Hoboken residents.”

Ravi Bhalla said, “Together, we join Dawn Zimmer in standing for restoring fiscal responsibility, providing transparency, and modernizing city government.”

Dave Mello said, “We believe it is time to break with the failed development policies of the past. We must stop simply building more condos and instead emphasize responsible mixed-use development that brings jobs to our community and helps create the parks, ball fields, shops and restaurants that are essential to our quality of life.”

Read the rest of the press release after the jump…

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(Zimmer announces council slate, continued…)

“As a Councilwoman, Carol Marsh stood up against overspending and budget tricks. She ran for Mayor in 2005 on a reform platform against the incumbent Mayor Dave Roberts. A former Vice-President in the Financial Industry, Marsh recently went back to school and at age 50 received her college degree from Rutgers University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library Science, also at Rutgers. Marsh has actively backed reform candidates for Hoboken Council and School Board. She served as Honorary Vice-Chair of the Hudson County Democratic Organization, a position she has now resigned from in order to devote all of her attention and energy to the campaign, and, if successful, to representing the people of Hoboken as a Councilwoman.

An attorney with expertise in local government law, Ravi Bhalla was recently named for inclusion in the list of Rising Stars in New Jersey’s legal community by NJ Superlawyers and NJ Monthly Magazine. Bhalla has used his legal skills to successfully defend the rights of Hoboken Council members to block the City from borrowing to pay current expenses. He served for two years as Hoboken’s Rent Board Attorney and Special Litigation Counsel for Rent Board matters and continues to serve as Union City’s Tenant Advocate. In addition to a law degree, Bhalla also received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics.

A middle school Teacher, Dave Mello recently received his law degree from Rutgers University, a degree he gained while working full time. Mello was formerly an active member of the Southwest Parks Coalition, and is currently an active member of Save Block 11, which he helped found last spring. He has recently been involved with Lower Hoboken Taxes and spoke at their rally held last week. He brings a business background having formerly worked in marketing and having earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Delaware.

The candidates pledge an active grassroots campaign reaching out to voters in all corners of Hoboken. Dawn Zimmer and the slate will have a kick-off appearance tonight at 6:00 PM at a house party hosted by Doug and Mary Bowen who reside at 1219 Garden Street. “


Zimmer’s plans for Mayoral run announced

All the rumors and speculation can now be put aside, as 4th Ward Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer officially announces run for Mayor of Hoboken. Slate of At-arge candidates to be announced later.

Below is her press release:

dawn zimmer announces run from mayor in hoboken nj january 29 2009 - Zimmer announces Council Ticket

“Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer today announced her plans to run for Mayor of Hoboken.

Zimmer said, “I am running for Mayor because we can’t afford business as usual. The recent 84% tax increase is just the most visible result of years of wasteful spending and backroom dealing. Our sewers don’t work, our traffic doesn’t flow, and some neighborhoods have no parks. Despite these challenges, Hoboken is a unique and wonderful City with incredible potential. I will reach beyond the political establishment to draw on the skills, talents and energy of all of our residents to set a new direction for our City. I will bring people together to get things done.”

Zimmer went on to say, “Many City offices lack voicemail, won’t accept e-mail, and close at 4pm. I will change the old ways: Restore fiscal responsibility, improve customer service, and reduce the tax burden that is crushing our citizens. We need to go cold turkey on financial gimmicks and live within our means. Together we will bring an end to the abuse of PILOTS and one-shot revenues that pretend to balance our budget while mortgaging our future.”

As a Councilwoman, Zimmer has led the way, helping expose $10 million in illegal overspending, and working with her council colleagues to set an example and save money by reducing salaries and benefits for elected officials and directors.

A leader on the Council in offering innovative solutions to our flooding problem and pushing for quality of life improvements, Zimmer pledged to make Hoboken a model for the use of new cost-cutting green technology. “We have the potential for major cost-savings in the areas of flood prevention, garbage disposal and energy.” Zimmer said, “Hoboken should be leading the way towards a green future, not dragging its feet.”

Zimmer believes that Hoboken needs to seize the moment and embrace green technology now to benefit from federal and state grant funds, since it is a priority for the Obama Administration.

She would change the City’s focus on residential development, which she said has resulted in more flooding, more traffic, and a costly increase in demand for City services. Zimmer said, “I believe in a different approach, one that emphasizes responsible commercial development that brings jobs to our community, and helps us create the parks, ball fields and shops that make urban communities thrive. We need to assure that all new development comes with the necessary traffic controls, parking and infrastructure improvements.”

Zimmer said she will be unveiling plans and proposals on the major issues facing the City and further outlining her vision for Hoboken as the campaign unfolds.

She will be kicking off her campaign at a fundraiser to be held Thursday night at McSwiggins. A full-time Campaign Manager, Sam Briggs, hits the ground this week. Zimmer will be running with a full slate of at-large council candidates, and will introduce her running mates in the next few weeks.

Councilwoman Zimmer represents the 4th Ward of Hoboken. She is married to Stan Grossbard and has two sons who attend school in Hoboken.”

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Has Judy, Judy, Judy, met Ravi, Ravi, Ravi? Regarding Campos, he might have joined the Mason camp. Raia, Raia, Raia – what a swayer…it’s Friday nite and I just got paid… 😆


[quote comment=”145549″]indie – campos was brought in by the guardians of the fourth ward group (a nimby group led by lenz, soares and carmelo garcia) as a reformer – lenz and company sold us roberts as a re-born reformer to beat russo in 2001. if you weren’t paying attention, shame on you. if you weren’t here you have nothing to say.[/quote]

First of all, your question was, wasn’t Roberts a reformer in 2001. I WAS paying attention which is why I answered ‘no’ to that question.

Second, what’s this nonsense about the Guardians? As best as I know, that group was disbanded in 1997 and ummm, I think, Campos was in college at that time. Also, Lenz was not in that group. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about and are tossing stuff out there as if it is fact. Please refrain in the future. I don’t have time to moniter your false statements.

professor pinetop
professor pinetop

indie – campos was brought in by the guardians of the fourth ward group (a nimby group led by lenz, soares and carmelo garcia) as a reformer – lenz and company sold us roberts as a re-born reformer to beat russo in 2001. if you weren’t paying attention, shame on you. if you weren’t here you have nothing to say.

honcho – if the rules are strictly enforced, church towers is not a bad thing. again, subsidized middle class housing did not lead us to our present state, it was mayoral incompetence.


PP Professor Piney…I’m still waiting for SGM “Sellout” Girl Mason to explain the Church Towers vote???

Maybe you wanna take a crack at it????

If Mason’s “solutions” are more Church Towers escapades I can do without them!!!!

Chop! Chop!



Prof. Pinetop – I doubt anyone would believe a word Mason said in a one-on-one conversation. She seems to say different things to different people. If she wants to get her message out, she should participate here or put out detailed action plans on her site. That way we can ALL hear what she says and she can’t tailor her message to the specific person recieving it. A few one sentance bullet points that are incredibly vague are meaningless when compared to the exhaustive statements put out for public scrutiny by at least one of her opponents.