Hobokenpix: Who’s luck is changing?


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken Photo of the Day – 1/29/2009

Here’s an ironic photo of the bus stop at 10th and Washington Street (a block away from that dangerous intersection mentioned this morning.)

As some of you might know, Tarragon filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection a couple weeks ago. Maybe those magic 8 balls don’t really work?

hoboken tarragon your luck is changing - Hobokenpix: Who's luck is changing?

PS – if you have images collecting dust on your camera or hard drive – send them in for eventual inclusion on Hoboken411! Please state how you’d like to be credited in your email, and a description – if desired!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009 6:39 pm

If we got to throw the eight balls instead of catching them, it’d have made all the difference. :mrgreen:

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