Don’t give the city your money!


(A public service announcement from Hoboken411)

Costs more to be lazy and stupid these days

Last night, the city council unanimously voted to raise the fine for individual parking summonses in Hoboken.


Parking tickets increased between $10 and $15 for various offenses like street cleaning and other various “no parking” zones. However, the residential parking permit increases will be repealed (you can get a refund if you already paid – have till the end of February to renew if you haven’t).

In a poll taken last year, at least 50% of the respondents received at least one ticket annually, and over 20% received five or more.

Maybe the 47% property tax increase was beyond your control – but avoiding parking tickets isn’t!

A limitless well of money

One thing I suspect is that city officials have instructed Police Officers to become more “vigilant” in enforcing the traffic violations throughout the town. Three years ago, you’d have a much better chance with getting away with intersection parking, double parking or the like.

We all know that if they put their minds to it, they could probably write tickets 24 hours a day with all the parking calamities taking place on a continual basis.

To me, it almost seems as if the thought process is as follows: “Hey, the citizens are becoming aware and busting up our previous easy ways to earn (and skim) money from the city coffers. OK, they want to get “smart” and play with us? Now start hitting them with every traffic and parking summons you can get your hands on – that’ll teach them not to mess with our racket!!”

Don’t play the game

So while other wells begin drying up – they just resort to the “old reliable” way of sucking money from your wallets. Sure, it requires some effort and 10% of an attention span – but it’s easy money saved.

If we banded together as a community – we’d stop unnecessarily giving them our money. The taxes may be beyond your control (for the time being), but parking legally is fully within your power.

Stop being lazy for the next 30 days

Yeah, 30 days is a start – but try for the rest of the year.

We bitch and moan about practically everything in Hoboken, yet some people screw up something as simple as parking legally? (myself included)

You need to have this mentality: “No way the city is getting any more of my money – and if that means I have to walk 5 extra blocks – then by all means, bring it on!”

Stop trying to find the closest parking spot to your house. In fact, you should probably take the first parking spot you find when you’re driving home. I learned my lesson the hard way one busy Saturday night a couple weeks ago – and passed over a spot on Washington Street that was a mere three blocks from where I live. What happened next? 60 minutes of driving around and around until I found a spot on the outskirts of the city. Just think about it…

Can you commit to this? Do you realize they’re just “turning up the revenue volume” on summonses? No matter which way you look – the city has their hands in YOUR pockets. This is one thing you can directly control. DO IT TODAY!

Tickey: the new Hoboken Mascot

I created a new “spokesperson” for this concept. Tickey the Bear. Maybe if I created posters or t-shirts we can finally put an end to senseless free gifts to the city.


(That concludes today’s Public Service Announcement from

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[quote comment=”134006″]Here’s a study about how higher street parking prices would result in less congestion:

You think Stpaddygirl will put that in her pipe and smoke it ?


My father didn’t pay for parking, my mother, my
brother, nobody. It’s like going to a prostitute. Why
should I pay when, if I apply myself, maybe I can get it
for free.”

-George Costanza


Here’s a study about how higher street parking prices would result in less congestion:


[quote comment=”133697″]For my first post on Hoboken 411, I’m going to suggest an unpopular idea. That the problem with parking is one of supply and demand. There are too many residents with cars for the streets we have. It was wrong to reduce the parking permit fees.
Raising parking sticker costs is the way to go. I’m not talking a mere $10 to $35 but to something like $100 or more. The town needs the revenue, and every car on the streets uses up street space. Persuading people to get rid of many weekend only cars would make ticketing less of an issue.[/quote]

David, now you’re confusing basic economics, supply & demand, with the God-given ‘murican right to drive a gigantic SUV wherever, whenever, however one pleases, and then park within 20 feet of the destination. Americans are like the fat tubbies floating around on deck chairs in the movie Wall-E. Your plan threatens our collective right to be disgusting and selfish. No, no, no that won’t do.

Report to Strand Tramp. He has some fishes he wants to introduce to you. 😉

strand tramp
strand tramp

[quote comment=”133876″]Uh-oh. What’ll I tell my husband?

He was told he’d be lucky if he got a $10 rebate in September! :lol:[/quote]
tell him you have been a bad girl and now you should be spanked.