Community Project: A week in the life


A week in the life of a Hobokenite

Was organizing the other day, and came across a decent digital camera I haven’t used in a long time. Light bulb pops up over my head, and I think Why not loan this camera to a different reader every week – and see Hoboken “through their eyes?”


The premise is simple: I give you the camera, memory card, battery and charger. You bring it with you wherever you go for a week. Snap a couple pictures every day. Whether on your commute, shopping, out to dinner, walking around town, and so on. A week later, return the camera with all the pics, and then I upload a gallery. A paragraph describing generally what your week was like, too.

All I’m looking for are readers who:

  • are willing to participate in the project
  • will take the daily pics
  • get out of the house at least a little bit
  • are honest and want to have fun!

If you’re interested, and would like to get on the list, please email me at – and we’ll make arrangements. Note that we can keep your name anonymous if you wish (or you can use your 411 username if you want). A diverse collection of readers would be awesome. All different jobs, hobbies, and places would make this project quite interesting!

Anyone want to give it a shot?

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I’d love to do this, but problem is my weeks are either really really interesting, or so boring that you’d be better off taking pictures of the grass growing in the winter. If there was any way to make sure I didn’t end up with one of my ‘boring’ weeks, I’d be up to it.
Oh yeah, and some of my interesting weeks I end up places where the photos I take can’t be let into public; so scratch those weeks too…


Would pics of the rats in my backyard be off limits? They are a part of daily life in Hoboken 😛


great idea! can’t wait to see everyones week.


I could really have a blast with this!