A wintry week in Hoboken?


Will we finally get pummeled? Or nothing?

Being the weather nut that I am, there’s no shame admitting that I follow what other weather aficionados are saying about what computer models are showing.


And for the past week or so, there’s been some fierce debate about some potentially messy weather for the northeast this week. Snow or Rain? North or South? and so on.

Here’s the latest semi-prognosis for this week, as of yesterday afternoon. (keywords are: potential, complex)

“A complex winter storm will sweep out of the Four Corners early in the week, then off the Eastern Seaboard at midweek. Along the way, it will lay down a swath of snow and icy, mixed wintry precipitation between the central High Plains and the northern Atlantic Seaboard. Major impacts will include narrow band of moderate to potentially severe icing and substantial, potentially major, snowfall in the Northeast. Plain rain will soak a relatively narrow swath south of the ice.”

(Keep in mind this is just a forecast, and totally subject to error, like always!)


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I have theatre plans Wednesday afternoon. Crap I hate Winter.


I don’t mind 20 degree temps if it’s going to snow, you know? Snow somehow makes it better. :mrgreen:


The Weather Channel says that we can expect the nasty part of this storm to hit us beginning at about 3 am tomorrow night and continuing into the day on Wednesday. I’ll be praying for a snow day. 🙂