Hoboken Week in Review – 1/25/2009


It’ll only get worse…

America may be all warm and fuzzy now that we have a new President, but that doesn’t quite apply to Hoboken yet – because the political acid bath is barely getting started on the way towards the May election. Part of the reason that updates were light this weekend, was because I’m preparing myself way in advance, by finally getting organized for the sh*t-storm that is headed our way.

See what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, January 25, 2009 below.


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Category 5 LaBruno – Councilwoman goes nuts
    What a coincidence! If we manage to have a big tropical storm season in 2009 – we may just have a “Hurricane Terry!!” (You heard that here first.)
  2. Obama Obama Obama
    Barack O. sworn in as President last week, as if you didn’t know. This was actually the most discussed topic, but Hurricane Terry was more fun.
  3. A well written (but suspicious) letter surfaces on the ‘net
    Some people believe that this letter targeting the government and economy was a propaganda piece, but others think it’s spot on.
  4. Gunpoint Robbery on Jefferson Street
    Lots of cash and stuff stolen. Police said over the radio it was on First, but it may have happened a couple blocks north.
  5. Extreme City Hall Makeovers!
    Outspoken Hoboken resident Helen Hirsch suggests scrapping the form of government we currently get abused by.
  6. Mason: Making Progress
    Even though there was mayhem at the City Council meeting last week, Councilwoman Beth Mason reminds us of more important things.
  7. Zimmer: Yeah, what she said.
    Seeing the press release Mason sent, Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer finally decides to send 411 one too.
  8. Community Watch Groups?
    After a community anti-crime meeting a couple weeks ago, one Hoboken resident feels that forming community watch groups is asking too much.
  9. The Light Rail Crime Stations
    Not only is crime increasing at the 2nd Street station, but also at the 9th Street station, as lots of cars getting busted up.
  10. Don’t leave your house without pants when it’s 10 degrees!
    A local woman thinks a 5 block drive to pick her loaded “friends with benefits” will be without incident. She gets saved by a sweatpant savior.

Other noteworthy stories

  • New Hoboken411 Feature!
    Gravatars: You can now upload a cute picture to go along with your screen name here!
  • Protein on a bun
    New eatery Energy Kitchen opens up last week. Not bad!
  • Super Bowl XLIII
    The big game is much less interesting this year, without a local team playing!

Event Calendar

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What’s happening this week?:

  • Hoboken Historical Museum – Today! Head over to 13th and Hudson, as the Museum gets ready to shut down for a few weeks.
  • It might be a snowy week – Won’t mention it officially yet, but there’s some rumbling that it could be a snowy/stormy week. Won’t know for sure for a couple days.
  • Where can I drink beer and answer random questions? – Over at Willie McBride’s this Wednesday at 8pm – as they have Team Trivia night again.

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I didn’t know about Russo’s outbursts. I couldn’t find Labruno’s video on The Hoboken Reporter website. I was watching the council meeting yesterday afternoon. I got to see it. There are no words to express how appalling that was to watch.


::Snicker:: “…sh*t-storm”!


Labruno going nuts is definetly the top story because it is a culmination of lax voters allowing for this inept government we have. Has the sleeping taxpayer fiannly awoke? Labruno’s and Russo’s recent outbursts could be seen as Custer’s last stand. Now if only the reformers could unite.