Taking the law in our own hands?


A concerned Hoboken resident recently sent a letter to the editor of the local paper about the anti-crime meeting that took place last week. Are the local news outlets politically influenced?


Dissed and dismissed

“I sent the following letter to the editor of the local paper; I asked that it remain anonymous. But I just got a call from the editor saying that they won’t publish my letter unless I agree to have my name (and possibly address) credited for the comments – despite dozens of other anonymous letters published. I obviously fear retaliation and was silenced by this sudden reversal of policy. It’s as if the paper is silencing any dissent against Dawn Zimmer; it just doesn’t seem right that they do that.”

Here’s the letter that got rejected:

Charles Bronson doesn’t live in Hoboken

“It’s always a concern when violent crime invades a community. It is especially concerning when our government leaders seem desperate and suggest the public form vigilante groups to police the streets. But that is exactly what Dawn Zimmer recommended – along with creating a community garden – when she attended Wednesday’s Crime Prevention Meeting.


A City Council person suggesting that citizens take the law into their own hands smacks of ignorance of the situation and disregard for public order and people’s safety. Does she really think community garden farmers will take to the streets – pitchforks and hoes in hand – and keep watchful eye on the 2nd Street Light Rail Station? And what about well armed thugs and murderers? Does she believe these thieves will think twice about hunting innocent commuters because Hoboken’s own Batman patrols the streets?

I would hope that Dawn Zimmer could suggest better solutions that not only deter crime but assist in solving those that do occur. Increased foot patrols by armed & uniformed police officers, street lighting, and additional day/night cameras are just a few possible action items one can take to ensure the public’s safety.

Now if our 4th Ward Council Member truly believes a vigilante watch group will solve the latest quality of life issue to plague this town, I ask that she take matters into her own hands, grab her garden tools, and walk the streets – hand in hand with her fellow citizens – and protect us from the scourge that threatens our valuables, our safety, and our lives. Forgive me, then, if I remain skeptical that her latest poorly thought out sound bite will reduce or deter the violent crime that increasingly threatens our town.

Concerned 4th Ward Citizen”

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[quote comment=”130337″][quote comment=”130319″]I may not be recalling correctly, but I don’t ever remember seeing an anonymous letter in the Reporter.[/quote]

The Reporter prints anonymous letters all the time. Their general policy is that if you are criticizing someone directly, you have to put your name on it. However, they can be somewhat inconsistent about this.[/quote]
[quote comment=”130321″]Why would this letter inspire retaliation? It’s harmless. Very questionable why the writer chooses to remain anonymous.[/quote]

My bad about the anonymous letter statement in the first place… But was the Reporter wrong? Does the letter pass the “smell test”?


You and me both, broken


[quote comment=”130351″][quote comment=”130319″]I may not be recalling correctly, but I don’t ever remember seeing an anonymous letter in the Reporter.[/quote]

I see it all the time… That was until they stopped delivery the reporter to my street about 3 months ago.[/quote]

Homeworld, there are tons of copies available on the sidewalks of Bloomfield and Garden streets all the time. Bank of America offers stacks upon stacks of the Hoboken Reporter as well. :mrgreen:



Well, fine then, but don’t make it seem like the yuppies are the problem for not wanting to pretend to be cops in their free time that they don’t have. Not for nuthin, but I’d feel a lot safer if this fine state allowed me to exercise my constitutional right to carry a weapon as well. Yeah, I went there.