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9/25/2010 Bump:

2010 Fund Drive in full effect for Hoboken EMS

You can never be reminded enough about how important the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps is to the city. Equally, if not more important than fire and police – because they’re the first line of defense for all kinds of medical emergencies (not just stabbings and shootings!) And due to the flailing economy – donations are a bit down, and they’re being called upon to do more – with less funding. So read their letter below – and consider opening your wallet to support this valuable Hoboken operation.

Please donate: Hoboken EMS fund drive

100% of Donations Go to Providing Quality Emergency Medical Services to the City of Hoboken at No Cost to the Patient

For this year’s annual fund drive, the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps (HVAC) is requesting the help of the local community by asking for donations. 100% of the funds raised will go to operations, equipment, medical supplies, and staff training, and every dollar counts towards helping the HVAC save lives.

As the last all-volunteer ambulance service in Hudson County, N.J., HVAC relies heavily on donations from individuals and businesses for the funding needed to continue operation. In 2010 alone, HVAC has responded to approximately 3,000 calls for assistance, 98% of which were classified as medical emergencies.

“Whether large or small, all the donations we receive are greatly appreciated and always put to good use,” said Tom Molta, President of HVAC. “Even a $10.00 donation can help us buy needed supplies such as new ambulances and medical supplies, which essentially helps us to save lives.”

To make a donation or to find out more about how you can help, please contact HVAC by calling (201) 420-2135 or visiting

2/10/2010 Update:

I’m bumping this post from last year – as a reminder to support your “first line of defense” if you need medical attention in Hoboken. The Hoboken EMS goes on thousands of calls annually, and provides an essential service to Mile Square residents. One Hoboken411 reader had mentioned the fund-raising envelopes you all received were inaccurate (2009 vs. 2010) – but I’m guessing they had some left over, and saved money by using them up instead being wasteful.

Hoboken NJ EMS Fund Raising Drive 2010


Yesterday, a member of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps sent Hoboken411 a note about the pride in their job – as well as the fact that they’re not only short-staffed, but also underfunded. After reading this – see what you can do to help!

HVAC is there for Hoboken

“Hoboken 411-
I have been a member of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps for the past couple of years and am very proud of the great FREE service we provide to the citizens in Hoboken. We have a great core of people that make up our organizations and I am proud to call them my brothers and sisters in EMS.

But the unfortunate reality is that we are still short handed and underfunded. We run approximately 4,000 calls a year, and many of our members ride 2-3 shifts a week in addition to working their paying jobs, and taking care of their families. We need help from anyone who has either the time or money to support us. And to those who already donate to us, we are extremely grateful. Be sure that no matter how small the donation (either time or money) it certainly goes a long way.

In conclusion, I was sitting down over the Holidays and wrote down a few of my thoughts about what being an EMT means to me. I was hoping that you would post this on 411 in the hopes that it will inspire others to look deep into themselves and to see what they can do to help.

HVAC Member


Tonight – A reflection by a Hoboken EMT

Tonight, somewhere in our city, a girl will weep over the loss of her mother, years before she should have gone. She is alone, she is weak, she feels like all hope is gone. “WHY GOD HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ME!”

Tonight, somewhere in our city, a mother, a grandmother, will feel all alone as she sits alone in her apartment feel shortness of breath. She sweats, she strains, afraid she will die alone.

Tonight, somewhere in our city, a young couple so full of life, so full of joy, will be hit by a drunk driver as they cross the street as they head home after a romantic dinner on the town.

Tonight, somewhere in our city, a mother will prematurely give birth to a child. The child will lay motionless in her arms. All of the mothers hopes for her child’s life have disappeared in the darkness of the night.

And also, tonight, somewhere in our city, a healthy child will be born to a family ready to love, nourish, support, and grow with him. So much life to live, so much love to share.

Tonight, somewhere in our city, a father will be provided adequate care for his distress. He no doubt will be grateful for the family that stood by his side the entire time.

Tonight, somewhere in our city, a brother will be successfully resuscitated after his heart failed to beat. He savors the embrace of his daughter, she is grateful beyond belief to be able to say “I Love You Dad” one more time.

I don’t know why this happens. I will never know why. I am not God. I have no say over who goes and who stays. But this much I do know….

Tonight, when the call comes in, regardless of the nature, I will be ready. I will use my the skills I worked so hard to obtain, maintain, and improve. I will be there to comfort the orphaned child, to provide kindness to those who are alone, and mourn with those who have loss. I will also be there to celebrate the commencement of a new life and the re-claiming of a life thought lost. I will be there in the hopes that I can give one more person a chance to live, that I can give one family a loved one back, that I can change one tear into one smile.

I care, We all care, and that is why we will be there.

How to help

If you’d like more information about volunteering and/or donations –
please visit the Hoboken EMS website.

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[quote comment=”129998″]WorldBFree – may I ask why you believe the number of fireman on duty at any one time in hoboken is bloated?[/quote]

Just an educated guess perhaps?

4 fire stations x No.of Fireman (10?). Way too many for a city a mile square.

Of course someone has to man the office. Someone has to make dinner…..


that’s no one


[quote comment=”129984″]Thank you and impressive numbers but only makes me think of how this just makes the fire departments bloated staff is even worse when they aren’t even handling this load.[/quote]
I don’t know about that statement, did you see the last fire on 1st and how know one got hurt and how they even carried out some cats. I would say the HFD is under staff. ???? for you what if we have more then one fire in this town, then what do we do ?


WorldBFree – may I ask why you believe the number of fireman on duty at any one time in hoboken is bloated?


Thank you and impressive numbers but only makes me think of how this just makes the fire departments bloated staff is even worse when they aren’t even handling this load.