Help the Liberty Humane Society!

4/13/2009 Update:

LHS in the Top 10!

Liberty Humane Society made the top 10 list of finalists in the Zoo Too Million Dollar Makeover contest… If you’d like to help them win – start voting today at You can vote up to 10 times daily between now and April 19th.

C’mon! We live in the most densely-packed area in the country! We can’t let some other shelter in the middle of nowhere win!


Read more about it after the jump…

3/11/2009 Reminder:

Last week to help LHS win million dollar makeover

daffodil-liberty-humane-society.jpgThe Liberty Humane Society (located in Jersey City) is in the last week of the Million Dollar Shelter Make Over contest.

There is still time to help! LHS would like to gain some last minute points and affiliates before the contest comes to an end on Friday. Please help LHS earn a much needed make over. Currently situated in a converted municipal garage, LHS provides care and comfort the best they can for the homeless animals of Jersey City. The shelter is in dire need of a make over which would help the animals while they wait for their forever home. Please sign up as an affiliate for LHS on today! Be sure to enter their zip code when signing up and picking your affiliate shelter – 07305.

Also, be sure to upload a profile picture of yourself! Not only will LHS get 25 points per picture, but if they get chosen as one of the Top Ten shelters that America can vote for, only people with profile pictures will be able to vote. Go to today, create your profile, upload your photo and help the very deserving animals that reside at the Liberty Humane Society!

Read all about how you can help LHS get points and win below…


For all you pet lovers out there. Allison Sillence, from the Liberty Human Society (LHS) – is seeking assistance from Hoboken411 readers to help them win a much-needed shelter makeover!

The LHS can win a million dollar makeover!

chino-dog-liberty-humane-society.jpg“The Liberty Humane Society, a non profit organization contracted with Jersey City, is looking to win a million dollar makeover in’s second national Shelter Makeover Contest.

In addition to handling Jersey City’s stray and surrendered animals, last April the organization took in the remaining animals at the now closed Hudson County SPCA – a move that increased their population by 1/3 in one day. Located in a converted garage in Liberty State Park, LHS is in desperate need of more space. Increased space would give the organization not only the ability to hold more animals, but would allow LHS to increase and expand services and programs benefiting the community.

Liberty Humane Society is currently participating in an online contest that could make all the difference! Currently participating in the 2nd Shelter Makeover Contest, Liberty Humane Society is hoping to bring home the top prize of $1,000,000 to use for a complete shelter overhaul. Currently ranked number two out of 3,000 shelters nationwide, LHS is eager to regain the number one spot – a spot they’ve held for the majority of the contest!

The Shelter Make Over contest is held in three phases:

  1. Point Accumulation – takes place through March. Shelters gain affiliates and points (please see below on how to register and gain points!).
  2. Shelter Tour – The Top 20 shelters will be visited by to determine who’s most in need of a makeover.
  3. Public Vote – Three of the Top 20 shelters vie for the top stop in a final vote by the public.

The winner will be announced in April but until then, LHS needs your support! Last year’s top organization received national coverage on such programs as The Today Show. Winning this contest could potentially gain more exposure for the Liberty Humane Society and the animals they work so hard for – not to mention a million dollars!

(Help Liberty Human, continued…)

Please show your support by signing up for the Shelter Makeover Contest by using this link:

Just answer a few questions about yourself and your pets (though you don’t have to have pet’s to become an affiliate), enter your e-mail address, agree to the terms and conditions and hit “Submit!” You’ve just helped LHS get one stop closer to winning a million dollars!

The more active you are on Zootoo each day, the more points Liberty Humane Society gains. These are the fun, easy ways to gain points for LHS:

Refer a Friend – 50 points
Invite your friends to support us too! Email validation from your friend is required.

Write a Journal – 15 points
Write about your day, your pets, whatever! Limited to 2 journal entries per day.

Upload a Video – 25 points
Share videos of your pets having fun! Limited to 3 journal entries per day.

Upload a Photo – 15 points
Show off your favorite pictures of your four legged friends! Limited to 5 photos per day.

Profile Photo – 25 points
Add or update your Profile Photo during the makeover. 1 time only.

Write a Review – 20 points
Recommend your favorite pet products or services by searching different categories! Limited to 3 reviews per day.

Comment on News – 5 points
Discuss news that interests you! Limited to 5 news discussions per day.

Answer a Question – 4 points
Give your input on questions posed by other community members! Limited to 1 answer per day.

Vote on Pet War – 1 point
Vote on which pet you think is the cutest! Limited to 5 votes per day.

Join today on behalf of the Liberty Humane Society! It’s fast, fun, and easy, and a great way to connect with fellow animal lovers in the community!
For more information on the Liberty Humane Society please visit their website at

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Hey, gang…they’ve dropped to 8th place. And there’s only one more day. It doesn’t take that much time…so maybe spread the word?


I signed up for this, a very worthy cause.
Liberty is still in third place but the 4th place shelter is closing in – everyone sign up (it’s easy & i haven’t received any spam so no worries there) and vote these next 2 days please – thank you! 🙂


please repost this. we are losing and we need votes!!


Just bumping this up to remind everyone to vote every day until Sunday. Go LHS!


hoboken411, can you repost this everyday until the 19th so it gets front page attention? if people can’t give money, they can at least vote. everyone sign up and vote!