Reader Mail: Sweatpant Ranger


Received an email from a Hoboken411 reader who said she was in a car accident this past weekend, and some nice guy helped her out when she was in a bind. She wants to thank him.


You kept me warm in a time of need

“Dear Hoboken411,

On Sunday night, I went to pick up a friend at a local bar in my car about five blocks away. Due to the quick driving time, I didn’t bother putting on sweat pants and just pulled on Uggs, a sweatshirt and puffy vest. Unfortunately, driving down Garden Street an elderly lady decided her SUV was above the law, ran a stop sign, and hit my small Audi A4 causing a bad accident in the intersection. I got out of the car stunned and a bunch of pedestrians and onlookers came over to see if I was okay. One young man, noticing my bare legs, ran inside his apartment and came back out with a pair of sweatpants. I thank him and pulled them on just as the police came. Busy answering questions and speaking with the officer I didn’t notice the gentleman leave, nor did I get his address or name. I wanted to see if you could help me put the word out of this guy’s generosity and hopefully help me find out who he was so I can (a) return his pants and (b) buy him a drink in thanks. The accident happened in the intersection of Garden and 7th, so I know he lives around there.

Hope you can help me find my Seventh and Garden Sweetie!”

[411 note: I didn’t confirm this accident taking place, nor did she produce photos of the accident. ]

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I was really happy with the pantless tale. Too bad it was ruined by a pair of shorts. 🙁

Here’s one of my favorite, real-life pantless stories:


driving 5 blocks to pick someone up? geez… are the traffic problems in this town all caused because every one chooses to drive to something FIVE BLOCKS away?

Tell your boy to walk it off next time 🙂


LMAO!!! f*cking hillarious!!! I can’t stop laughing!

Slapshot3 / Glad you’re ok, you have to watch it for all the grandma drivers in town, it’s always their way don’t ask.

Mr. Futt thanks for helping a lady in her time of need, you’re a true gentleman bro…


[quote comment=”129641″]I lived on 6th and Garden (closer to 7th where the Shoe store & laundry store are). Any details from which house this guy came from? I didn’t know all my neighbors, but I know a few. I know that at the coverted-to-condos synagogue (635 Garden), there’s a bunch of people in there who are teachers, coaches and/or students with Stevens. Depending on how ‘young’ he was, he could have been a soccer or lacrosse coach, they are usually recent grads around 23-26.[/quote]

As someone who lives on that block,I can vouch that the people who live in that building are frickin’ pigs! They always throw their garbage on the side of the house, not bagged or anything. You’d think people who paid that much for a condo might actually take some pride in it. But noooo. Just thought I’d throw that in. Everyone back to fantasizing now…


[quote comment=”129664″]Ah! Well, thanks for clarifying this miscommunication. Yep, a friend is just a tad different from a boyfriend.

Either way, this is a good ending ’cause the evidence is slowly indicating that sweatpant ranger may not be into women.[/quote]
sure he is. He owns sweatpants so he can’t be gay.