Hoboken parking permit scam


Hoboken411 reader luckyfish spotted this interesting ad over on Craigslist:

hoboken parking permit scam - Hoboken parking permit scam

If caught, who gets busted?

We all know that in order to legally obtain a parking permit – your car must be registered in Hoboken. No exceptions.

However, this person, looking to save a buck on car insurance, has their car registered in another state. If some resident who owns a car helps this schmuck out to make $40 bucks – Who pays the price? Both of them?

Additionally, this would probably only work if someone had a car with a garage, and no existing permit. So my guess is that they’re out of luck (unless someone in the HPU can sell stickers on the side for some extra cash…)

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The law requires one must change tags 30 days upon moving
to another state…Maybe the laws changed???


I think i saw or read that the permits may be lowered back to $10.00 …..why are they making us pay the higher rate…..also are we to move the sticker to the back window this time? I think the DMV states its illegal to have on the front right window…obstruction


[quote comment=”129363″][quote comment=”129317″]Insurance reasons aside, this should work no differently then a person that has a company car in town. Get a letter from the registered vehicle owner saying that you have been provided with the car for your use, and it is kept at your home every night. Provide your NJ license showing a Hoboken address, along with a copy of a apt lease and utility bill showing your name/address and walk out with a sticker.

I don’t get why so many people have problems with the parking utility, I’ve never had a problem getting stickers for company cars, leased vehicles, or vehicles that I owned outright. Just walk in with the documentation they want to see, be polite, and walk out with a current sticker.[/quote]

That didn’t work for me. A few years ago, my car was titled in my father’s name and they wouldn’t renew my permit unless it was titled in my name (despite the lease, my license, utility bills, etc). It comes down to what the rules happen to be that day & who you’re dealing with.[/quote]

Bingo 😆

now, do we have to change the sticker to the back window….apparently its illegal with the DMV on the front right window?


They probably give February as a grace period. If they didn’t tell people to renew by Jan 31, they would never get the money by Feb 28. Dog licenses were supposed to be renewed by (iirc) Jan 15, and came with a letter of dire warning if I don’t renew, but I doubt they will be knocking on my door this week. I haven’t done it yet, because (a) I have to find the rabies certificate that came with the adoption and see whether it is good for all of 2009 as required, or just some of it, and (b) the dog is elderly and arthritic, and it’s too damn cold and icy outside to walk him to the vet. If they want to get me for harboring an unlicensed dog, I guess I’ll have to pay the price.


I don’t know about the parking decals, but you can sell the temp hang tags. When I had some left over that were only good until the end of 2008 I asked the woman at the HPU if I could sell them to strangers since the HPU won’t let me exchange them for new ones.

She said, sure, there’s nothing stopping you from selling them. But she said they’re registered to the address of the person who bought them…