City Council – 1/21/2009 Preview

1/21/2009 Update:

Reminder that the Hoboken City Council Meeting is tonight at 7pm. (Agenda)

hoboken city council meeting january 21 2009 - City Council - 1/21/2009 Preview

But wait, there’s more!

The Hoboken Tax Reform Coalition – performing their due diligence on the Church Towers PILOTs renewal – came up with some very interesting points about the holes that would have opened up if it was rushed through the City Council as originally planned.

Donna Antonucci (who spearheaded the “Union Givebacks” plea for signatures), sent Hoboken411 this note, along with the proposed Hoboken PILOTs Principles.

“We would like you to post this in advance of the city council meeting. It’s a hot one. It basically reveals that if we had approved an extension of the CT PILOT as is, there would have been no obligation by the building owners (shareholders in Church Towers Urban Renewal Corp) to hold down rents.

hoboken pilots principles hoboken tax reform coalition teaser - City Council - 1/21/2009 Preview

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City Council Meeting – Wednesday 1/21/2009

For your perusal, here is the rather short agenda for the Hoboken City Council meeting tomorrow. Detailed resolution pack still not available online.

(I’m particularly fond of today’s “City Hall Explosion” graphic. I’m going to try and mix it up a bit more often. Have any suggested backgrounds that might be fun?)
hoboken city council meeting january 21 2009 - City Council - 1/21/2009 Preview

(More to possibly come on this later…)

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31.WOW! Perry should do readings 💡 Looked a little like the Jerry Springer show 😆 Serious message: we have to have discourse with proper demeaner 😳


Can’t wait to watch this on public access..


From last night council meeting I must say this Terry LaBruno is nothing but a low life white trash clueless councilwoman. She tries to showboat on the dais with cluleless opinions she needs to be replaces ASAP. Also Dawn Zimmer: c’mon whats her deal? Another Yawner sitting on the dais shuffling papers totally clueless, no wonder this town is all fucked up. When they raise your taxes 47 percent they should all resign their seats. Remmeber this folks when its time for re-election weather youre a newbie or a B&R (FORTYSEVEN PERCENT TAX INCREASE) INSANE!!!!!!


Does anyone else find it creepy that the graphic on this thread was a prediction of what actually happened at this meeting?