Elle the cat needs a home!


Please find me a new home!

hoboken-cat-elle-full-house-printing-fire.jpgRemember that three-alarm fire last week at 303 First Street?

Well, it seems that Full House Printing, the business that was destroyed in the fire, had a house cat named “Elle.”

Luckily, she was rescued from the fire, and needs a new home.

Hoboken411 reader Brooke forwarded me the info and said:
“Hello and Happy New Year! I’m not sure if this has been posted or not, but as a result of that fire on 1st and Willow, the cat who lived in the printing store needs a home. Wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting this on your website – it reaches such a large population and I’ve seen so many success stories as a result!!

Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping us informed!”

Contact fullhouseart@gmail.com if you’d like to adopt Elle.

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[quote comment=”129406″]…Elle has been ADOPTED and is joining a family owned by two other Cats….[quote]

That quote makes me happy :lol:.

Glad to hear the Elle’s been adopted– she’s a cute lil’ thing!


Well I got good news on Elle.
Got an e-mail from Full House saying Elle has been ADOPTED and is joining a family owned by two other Cats. HURRAY!!!!
Nice to see a happy ending for a Cat. 🙂


they cant bring the cat the new location?