Hoboken Week in Review – 1/18/2009


What a week!

Hoboken was very hectic this past week! Wild town meetings and political news, a miracle on the Hudson, an actual working fire, real estate woes, and even the Giants getting knocked out by rival Philadelphia. You can say we encountered a little bit of everything – and 411 brought it all to you first, as always!

See what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, January 18, 2009 below.


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Miracle “splash landing” in the Hudson
    A sharp pilot saves 155 lives by skillfully landing US Airways flight 1549 safely in the Hudson. Incredible!
  2. Board of Education divides city
    The Board approves a new contract and over 13% salary increases for teachers. Some taxpayers are miffed, teachers are thrilled.
  3. First St. Fire extinguished quickly; Destroys business
    Hoboken411 covers the 303 First Street fire live. No serious injuries, but destroyed business and displaces residents.
  4. Living on the cheap at Marineview
    Hoboken411 reader estevens shows how well-off folks enjoy affordable housing.
  5. Tarragon files Chapter 11
    Big Hoboken developer can’t make ends meet, washes hands of financial responsibility.
  6. Toll Brothers: OK in Hoboken – not so much everywhere else
    While another big Hoboken developer says they’re doing good in Hoboken – the overall picture is “grim.”
  7. Resident wants big changes!
    Uptown resident Donna Antonucci compiles a list of 8 Union givebacks to demand, hoping to collect 4,000 signatures.
  8. Bad penmanship? No reading for you!
    Hoboken Public Library demands neat handwriting, denying little tyke the ability to check out his own books.

Other noteworthy stories

Your TO-DO list today

One last time, if you haven’t checked these articles yet, please do! They become more useful and fun if you participate!

  • Help Save Hoboken Businesses!
    For the first time, Hoboken411 creates an open “suggestion box” to help compile useful advice from Hoboken residents. A must-read for Business owners!
  • Make your 2009 Predictions!
    Think you have a good idea of what will certainly happen this year? Share your thoughts and check back when it happens to say “I called it!”
  • At the point of no return…
    To really appreciate optimism and positivity, you need a healthy dose of reality. Without a doubt, some Hoboken businesses will fail this year. Who do you think is doomed?

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