Healthy Hoboken – January 2009


[Every month, Hoboken411 will be posting a column to give answers to Hobokenites’ most frequently asked health questions. The column is written by Dr. Laura Brayton of Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness. Please send all health-related questions to]

Healthy Hoboken – January 2009

This month’s Healthy Hoboken article deals with the nasty colds people have right now, and some ways to deal with them.


Dear Dr. Brayton,
It seems that with the cold temperatures and ugly weather recently many people have been getting sick. I know there is no cure for the common cold but I am wondering if chiropractic can help to keep the fevers and sniffles away. I’m hoping to not get “what’s been going around.”

‘Tis the Season

Dr. Brayton offers tip and suggestions

healthy-hoboken-with-dr-laura-brayton.jpgDear ‘Tis the Season,

It is true that in the colder months, our bodies seem to have lowered immunity to fighting off colds/viruses.

The important thing to focus your attention on while staying healthy during winter is maintaining a strong immune system so regardless of what you may encounter at work, home, stores, etc., you will have no problem fighting off the virus. Our bodies have an amazing capability of protecting us from foreign, unfriendly organisms like viruses or bacteria, however, sometimes they need a little extra support. Following a healthy lifestyle is vital for maintaining a strong immune system and includes eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, exercise, stress-reduction, appropriate sleep (6-8 hours/night), and even a positive mental attitude.

In addition, some people supplement their diet with Vitamin C, Zinc, Maitake mushroom extract, Echinacea, Goldenseal, to just name a few, which are anti-viral/anti-bacterial vitamins & herbs which have been shown to have immune-boosting qualities. In addition, addressing the health of your intestines (small and large) with probiotic supplementation or eating yogurt/cottage cheese provides the good flora necessary for proper absorption/digestion in the intestinal tract which is 70% of your immune system.

Many of my patients also keep their immune system boosted through chiropractic adjustments which impact the nervous system and help your body stay strong against unwanted organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Yours in health,
Dr. Brayton

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Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:26 pm

i take 2 tablets of cod liver oil every morning. keeps me cold-free 🙂

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