Cablevision cuts VoomHD cord



Out with the old, in with the new?

For any of you that enjoyed the 15 High Definition channels on the Voom network – those days are coming to an end this week, as Cablevision has discontinued service in the U.S. The Voom channels were not making jack squat for Cablevision.

Cablevision, however, is adding additional HD channels – such as the new Comedy Central HD – which is launching this month, first on Cablevision 768 – and a few weeks later on Satellite.

Did anyone watch that Voom?

(Thanks Robert for the tip!)

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Absolutely, I’ll snap a pic of it tonight and send it along. I can’t say how it compares to DirectTV, only that it’s a major improvement over Optimum.


I don’t miss one thing about Cablevision, I’m 100% happy w/my move to FiOS. The FiOS UI, menus and DVR crush what I had w/Optimum, not to mention a better overall picture.


[quote comment=”128604″]No more RushHD??? 🙁 DIAF Cablevision![/quote]

i’m with you. i watch so many of those ski shows. where are they going to go? hopefully they add the ski HD channel.


[quote comment=”128737″]Is “Concrete Canvas” on the Voom networks?

It is kind of like a modern day Bob Ross…[/quote]

not sure–it’s gallery hd but not sure if it’s a VOOM station or not.

this absolutely blows. as others have said, voom had some of the best channels (rave, equator, etc). might be the straw that breaks cablevisions back for me.