Antonucci demands union givebacks

1/31/2009 Update:

Here’s an update from Donna Antonucci (on behalf of the Hoboken Tax Reform Coalition). Four updated slides; two for the HFD and two for the HPD.

HFD: Slide1Slide2
HPD: Slide1Slide2

1/16/2009 Update:

You can fill out an online petition if you want:

Donna says:
“We need your name and address + the email so that we don’t have people filling it out with any address or the name “mickey mouse”. With an online petition the email address acts as a signature otherwise we can be accused of “printing” signatures. If people want to join the cause, they have to be brave enough to identify themselves and online that means your email address. The email address, yes, can be used to contact the signer but is also used to validate that the person did in fact, intend to join the chorus and support the cause. We will likely send an email to validate that the signers used a valid email address. We want to do that so that, again, no one can accuse us not knowing we have valid information. If we ‘ping’ the signers, we can say we did that check.”


Hoboken resident Donna Antonucci (who’s been speaking out lately at rallies and City Council meetings) – is concerned that all of Hoboken’s union contracts are bloated and outdated.

In an effort to help curtail excessive spending, she decided to start a “postcard campaign.” Read her letter below:


Union Givebacks Needed

“I am starting a postcard campaign to get at least 4,000 signatures to support 8 union give backs. I need your help!

I hope I can count on you for at least your signature but if you would like to do more how about getting 10 other Hobokenites to sign?

Attached please find a PDF of the 8 demands. You can either print them off on BRIGHT PINK PAPER -or- get supplies from me (1027 Washington St., 2R). I would need them returned to me as we want to hand deliver them en masse with a tally of how many we’ve gotten.

The fax number to send your signed postcard: 201-526-0460.

For your convenience, here they are. Collective bargaining agreement negotiations are expected to begin the week of January 26th. Please help us get the kind of givebacks that will be meaningful in making a dent in your real estate taxes:

  1. “Right size” govt. Reduce number of workers per best practices determined by outside professionals.
  2. Share benefits premiums – municipal workers must pay a portion of a High Deductible Medical premiums.
  3. Eliminate ‘special’ vacation days (Christenings, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, etc.). – All vacation must be deducted from the employee’s regular vacation balance.
  4. Eliminate the ability to accrue unused vacation and overtime towards retirement. Limit sick days to 10 per year.
  5. Re-structure Management Pay – Employees with managerial responsibility must work 10 hours of overtime at the regular rate before they are paid time and a half.
  6. Re-structure tuition reimbursement -Tuition re-imbursement will only be granted for degrees that will enhance employees’ performance in their current job. The employee must give the town 3 years of service after degree completion or they have to pay back the reimbursement.
  7. Require all departments which consider full time less than 40 hours a week to bring their work week to a minimum of 40 hours.
  8. Require full adherence to Hoboken’s Expense Policy and Procedures. Lack of adherence, whether deliberate or accidental, is grounds for immediate termination.

The State appointed monitor sent out an RFP to get a labor negotiator for the town to tee up against the union reps and get the contract process started. The RFPs are due to Tripodi on 1/21. I would imagine by that Friday 1/23 she will have had made a decision on who she will hire to negotiate with the unions on behalf of the city.

We want to march into the town council meeting either 1/21 or 2/5 and throw them on the Councils desk on camera and read on the record what they say. We also want to have a rally at the opening of the negotiations that’s bigger and louder than the last. 4,000 is 10% of the population 20% of households. We are in a unique position this year in that taxpayers truly do not have the capacity to pay. These contracts will obligate us for the next 4 years and their benefits packages are outrageously rich – the types of packages you and I have not seen in 20 years.

The council, nor citizens have a say in what happens. We want to make it clear that public’s interests need to be represented in negotiations. Anything less is taxation without representation.

Can you help?


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Mr. Tribunal, I just came across your post about me reaping the benefits of no tax increases and only ‘complaining’ now. 1. I have been in touch with my councilmember for years. She has known me for years and I felt we were aligned and she represented my POV. 2. taxes have increased since Roberts was in office. They seemed reasonable as inflation increases costs over time. 3. Your argument is ridiculous and flawed. You are saying that somehow if I was ok with moderate increases before, why do I have the right to complain when they go up 87% (99% if the new $4.2MM in factored into our 2008/2009 tax bill). That’s ridiculous. I thought my taxes were too high before. I voiced it just not on tape. It obviously didn’t work and I am not outraged that they went up 87%. As I dug into what happened I became even more outraged when I saw how much was due to waste and was completely avoidable. 4. I have said over and over again, the cuts suggested in my HPD and HFD were management cuts i.e., do not effect the number of police and firemen on the street that is the patrolmen and fire fighter level. By asking for a MANAGEMENT cut I am by no way making the statement that the work they do in protecting us is not courageous or appreciated. What I am saying is ‘how many administrators do we need to run these departments’. All… Read more »

I think Donna is finding solutions and voicing her opinion to try and lessen the burden on all of us Hoboken Tax payers. I think the ruckus is Donna hitting a nerve IE: Fire Department, “LIVES ARE NOT MUMBERS”. “ITS NOT PERSONAL”. She caught many people lying to the public and called them out on it. Mason seemed concerned and raised an eyebrow, The rest were just aloof. Ponder this thought: Castellano’s husband is on the Police Department and her cousin as well. Michael Russo’s brother is on the Police Department, Terry LaBruno’s husband is on the Fire Department and is neighbors with Ruben Ramos. Cammerano relies on the FD support since he stuck with Lame Roberts through all these years. Nino is Just Nino and in fairness to Cunningham he is a newbie and still wet behind the ears with the corruption in this city. Mrs Zimmer will just Yes everyone at this point for her campaigning for Mayor and Tomato’s on a vine growing in the Housing authority. Mrs Mason, if you read this: STAY CLEAR OF THESE NUMBNUTS, see through all their BS and do what is right. ANNOUNCE YOUR RUNNING FOR MAYOR! WE NEED YOU!!


We were informed at last night’s council meeting that the TAX INCREASE will remain status quo (oh, no, maybe another tax increase soon, at the rate of their spending). None of the city council members were able to voice where (if at all) they see cuts in the budget. After all these months, no one had the slightest idea…pathetic.


Attend the council meeting for possible Bout II – Antonucci vs. LaBruno. By the way, other high ranking city officials go at it (1) at City Hall – A Director calling our a Code Official- Corp. Counsel Kleinman investigating.(2) at Elks – The same Director slamming down a former high position non-elected official at a benefit affair. All in the Heat of the City Atmosphere…Judy T. should be the referee in both issues. :mrgreen:LOL


Everybody should come out to the city hall meeting this wed. Please show your face: it starts at 7pm, but it goes on until 10pm. We need to show these clowns that it is time to stop taking us for fools.