Drunks smash burnt Porsche in Philly


Hoboken411 reader Furey wanted to share this video of some idiot drunks wearing Giants jerseys getting violent towards an inanimate object after last Sundays Giants/Eagles game.

Apparently this Porsche caught fire and was destroyed when the driver unknowingly parked on hot coals (also an idiot). These drunks got their kicks by smashing it even more.

There’s another video on that page that shows them smashing an SUV as well. (profanity in both videos, FYI)

Moral of the story: A drunk tool is a drunk tool regardless of what jersey he wears.

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Those are a hell of a late more civilized than the Philly clips


Oh good lord, they win their first championship in 28 yrs and the assholes come out that night and somehow that’s indicative of life in center city? Are you for real?

ps, giants fans are really well behaved when they’re winners – and NYers have won more than Philly in the past 28 years – does that make NY scarier? Doubtful:


you mean this Center City?



[quote comment=”127397″][quote comment=”127393″][quote comment=”127366″]oh, and the entire Colts organization fled baltimo’, one of the worst ghettos in the country![/quote]

Philadelphia is Baltimore with a G.E.D. (‘Good Enough Diploma’).

no. I will agree Philly was run down for a while there, but center city was revitalized in the early 90’s and remains so. If you want to talk about it being small, fine, center city is small compared to NYC – but is every other city in this country.

Now I know most of you haven’t ever stayed in downtown Philly and are just talking about of your asses, but for those of you that have, to say that it’s rundown, or disgusting or crime ridden shows your head is lodged firmly up your ass OR you’re retarded. Either way, you’re wrong. :mrgreen:[/quote]

no worries katie. it’s all part of the “if it’s not NYC it’s not a real city” mentality.

i love philly, even though it still needs to improve greatly. Center City and some neighborhoods are very nice. But the crime is still a major issue, and although it mostly affects the “rougher” neighborhoods – it does spill over. just like some crime spills out of newark into some of the nice surrounding areas.


[quote comment=”127407″]Take the whole, not select pieces. Otherwise the dummies down in Dundalk will be shouting that, “We did a great job of cleanin’ up Fells Point, hon, soh down’t goh trash tokkin aboot Ballmor!”

Best thing I can say about Philly (other than that’s where I met my wife): it’s easy to get a table at the better/best restaurants. And it’s easy to roll out to places like Manayunk.

Hey, you know what’s really fun to do in Philly? Pack your bags and get the f**k out!


I kid, I kid. Philly’s all right by me.

At least it’s not San Francisco or LA. Blech.[/quote]
San Fran wasn’t my favorite either. Neither was L.A.

Manayunk is technically a neighborhood in Philly.