Hobokenpix: Big Bright Moon

[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken Photos of the Day – 1/12/2009

As some of you might have read or seen on the news – this past weekend was the biggest full moon of 2009. A cool sight if you can catch it right when it “rises” in the evening.

While we missed the biggest because of the snowy and rainy skies on Saturday night, doesn’t mean that there weren’t any out of the ordinary moon-related sightings.

This picture, for instance – was the brightest I’ve seen the moon in a long time. So bright that it lit up my apartment to the point you could practically read from the light. Was about 4am this past Friday:


Of course, I’ll sneak a NYC Skyline photo of the moon rising last night as well:


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Yep. 30% brighter/bigger than all the others. It was absolutely beautiful!

Then again, it also brought forth stupidity from people (as usual). Well, you know what they say: “the freaks come out at night”. :mrgreen: