Hoboken Week in Review – 1/11/2009


Big Sports Day!

Many of us will be out watching the big NFL Playoff game between the Giants and Eagles this afternoon. So until then, brush up on what happened this week in Hoboken!

See what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, January 11, 2009 below.


Your TO-DO list today

But first, check out these articles. They become more useful and fun if you participate!

  • Help Save Hoboken Businesses!
    For the first time, Hoboken411 creates an open “suggestion box” to help compile useful advice from Hoboken residents. A must-read for Business owners!
  • Make your 2009 Predictions!
    Think you have a good idea of what will certainly happen this year? Share your thoughts and check back when it happens to say “I called it!”
  • At the point of no return…
    To really appreciate optimism and positivity, you need a healthy dose of reality. Without a doubt, some Hoboken businesses will fail this year. Who do you think is doomed?

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Church Towers focus of much debate
    Fierce discussion about affordable housing, tax abatement’s and who should benefit.
  2. Are they spending your money recklessly?
    The Hoboken Board of Education “HoLa” Dual Language Program is angering many residents.
  3. City Council Meeting
    The twice a month hot button topic stirs emotions once again.
  4. Parking Crackdown
    Hoboken411 notices a change in enforcement for double parking offenders. Is this permanent or temporary?
  5. No “Ahhhh” in Gaza
    Commenters still trading barbs about the conflict in the Middle East.
  6. You should probably wear a helmet
    New “share the road” signs pop up designed to protect bike riders.
  7. Guy gets car keyed – blames 411
    Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous stories ever posted on this website.
  8. Zoning board full again
    Tony Soares and Michael Novak appointed by Mayor Roberts to fill vacant ZBA seats.

Other noteworthy stories

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