2009 Predictions?


Think you’re a soothsayer? Psychic? Genius? Total know-it-all when it comes to certain things?

Well then PROVE it!!

From now until the end of January – state your predictions for what you believe will happen during 2009. I’ll close this thread on January 31st – and keep a running tally of your predictions – and announce if they come to fruition in a new thread. And at the end of the year – we can review how smart you guys really are.


Break your prediction down to either national/world event – or Hoboken only. If you’re an expert psychic, you can even specify a time frame. Below are examples of what a good prediction might look like.

(these are samples only – not 411’s real predictions!)

National Events

  • Category: Sports. What: The Eagles will win the Super Bowl
  • Category: Politics. What: An attempt will be made on the President’s life When: Within six months of inauguration
  • Category: National Event. What: Rare earthquake hits New York. Dozens killed, millions in damage
  • Category: Sports. What: Despite 400+ million dollar payroll, NY Yankees are under .500 in July – and Joe Girardi gets canned
  • Category: World Event. What: Middle East tension escalates to the point of war with Iran. When: October 2009
  • Category: Finance. What: Dow falls to under 5000

Hoboken Events

  • Category: Politics (realistic). What: Another mudslinging Mayoral Campaign this year. Another run-off because too many people threw their hats in the ring. Political “machine” wins again. Voter fraud allegations ensue, again. Residents angry, again.
  • Category: Real Estate (sarcastic). What: The real estate bubble bursts to all-time lows worldwide – but Hoboken is “immune” once again. Record sales in 2009.
  • Category: City News (Bizarre). What: Giant pothole actually forms on Light Rail track near 9th street, swallowing up two trains and the MetroStop building.
  • Category: Business (parody). What: Genius entrepreneur creates “all-in-one” business. Bar, restaurant, nail, hair and tanning salon, dry cleaner, massage parlor, gym, supermarket, package delivery, car repair, tailor, retail clothing shop and bank. “Open space” park on roof as well. All other business in town go bankrupt.

Haha. While my Hoboken examples started getting out of control (am deliriously sick still) – I realized I had to separate the jokes from real predictions. Please do the same.

What predictions do you have for 2009?

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we’re all gonna spook Einstein at a distance
The Beatles were right about “I am you and you are me and we are all together”
who knew excited electrons had free will

Agent Smith, where’s Neo?


This year or in the next 10 years?

This year: no.
Next 10: yes.

Better question: who will it come from?

Will it be angry foreign terrorists or will it be the disgruntled, ‘We don’t like the look of our new president’, homemade variety?


#8: Yes I do think they’ll be a terrorist attack on American soil.


[quote comment=”126501″]Anyone think they’ll be a “terrorist attack” on American soil?[/quote]

I think that Joe Biden believes that.