Divisional NFL Playoffs Set


With the NFL Wildcard games now complete – You can start placing your bets on next week’s matchups!

With Baltimore handily beating Miami, San Diego upsetting Indianapolis, Arizona squeaking by Atlanta and Philly rolling over Minnesota, here are your matchups for this weekend. (Congrats to Philly fans out there!)

Who will make it to the Conference Championships?






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Thank god the Eagles will win, and we avoid the Goober V Gomer Superbowl. The Mannings will BOTH be gone yahoo!


It’s going to be a tough game. I don’t think Philly or Giants roll into the game feeling supremely confident. I think Giants can beat the Birds and the Eagles can beat the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. It’s going to be a game of three factors:

1. Stop Westbrook vs Stop Jacobs/Ward.
2. Get Eagles out of the run/pass balance vs blitz/pressure Eli to beat us with his arm.
3. Battle of field position & turnovers to decide the game.

I think the game we saw today will be a similar game to the next week. Battle of two strong defenses – which can keep it a close, hard game.

I would expect Giants are favorites by 3.