City Council 1/7/2009 – Preview

1/7/2009 Update:

Resolutions available here on Hoboken411

Of course, the city “attempts” to put the resolution pack online THE DAY OF the council meeting. But they did it wrong, and most people will not be able to access it.

For your viewing pleasure – here is the 49 page resolution pack.

So unprofessional looking, it appears a monkey scanned it in. No, wait a minute – a monkey would have done a better job.

1/7/2009 Reminder:

Meeting tonight

russo-letter-hoboken-church-towers-pilots-sm.jpgDon’t forget, there’s a Council Meeting 7pm tonight at Hoboken City Hall. Still no Resolution Pack available from the city. Oh well.

Additionally, despite rumors that the Church Towers PILOTs resolution may be pulled from the Agenda today – one Hoboken411 reader was a bit miffed at a memo sent out this week by 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo:

“Russo is unbelievable! Trying to incite an us vs. them mentality?

Why is he living in that building? Is he in NEED of low income housing? Pilots aren’t always bad, unless of course, you have people lying about their income in order to remain at the current rate.

As I’ve learned, the original agreement was designed to charge people more once they earned more in order to not evict them…”



Hoboken City Council Meeting – January 7, 2009

A relatively light agenda has been made available, but no resolution pack is ready as of “press time.”

  • Over $4 million dollars worth of bonding for road improvements and the Hoboken Parking Utility (WTF? Remember the missing $1 million bucks?)
  • Block 11 “park space” back on the radar (the hotly contested “Southwest Parks” saga), plus extending PILOTs agreement for the much-debated Church Towers (in which some city officials live in cheaply).

Head down to City Hall Wednesday, January 7th at 7pm to check it out. See agenda here.


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Saturday, January 10, 2009 11:38 pm

Michael Russo on the city’s finances (Cablevision Hudson News):

Saturday, January 10, 2009 10:53 pm

This meeting was conducted in an uncomfortable if not unsafe atmosphere due to the large crown. They were put on notice at the previous meeting and took no positive action to have a best practice. But what is new? They cannot even decide on how much to cut their bloated salaries and are still making the same mistake of showing lack of concern for the general public. On the other hand, the Bd. of Ed. has changed the location for their next meeting to the Wallace gym to accomodate the expected large assembly of citizens. By the way, the Board members do not get any salary. Just some facts.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 10:00 pm

Why in the world would the city of Hoboken provide incentives for people to retire – who are we Goldman Sacks?
City governement is not a for profit organization with surplus for such expenditures. Force workers to do their jobs – and if they cannot, they should be let go.

Friday, January 9, 2009 9:24 am

Regarding this meeting…Judy Tripodi (fiscal control officer)
is the ‘de-facto’ City Manager/Mayor/City Council and therefore, the designated (by the court) rep. of all the citizens of Hoboken. When you have concerns, she is the go-to person who has duty and authority to act…just a fact ❗

Friday, January 9, 2009 9:07 am

You aren’t the “middle class” that votes for Michael Russo.

[quote comment=”126104″]Thus is the subsidized housing paradox in Hoboken… I make too much to live there, but people living there make more than me. 8O[/quote]

Did you get his Christmas Card? His attractive fiance has her own subsidized apartment — in Marine View Plaza.

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