Hoboken Weeks in Review – 1/4/2009


2009: A clean slate?

We all wish for a clean slate – which is why many people start the new year with a clear outlook, renewed objectives, a “fresh start” and so on. Maybe the same will hold true for Hoboken – but unfortunately we can just “wipe out” the issues we’re carrying over from 2008. Whether it’s the massive 47% property tax increase, real estate worries, and other local political debacles – seems like we all have our work cut out for us!

So what made the most discussed entries for the two weeks ending Sunday January 4, 2009?


The 12 Hottest topics the last two weeks


  1. Ferrari Mayhem!!
    Hoboken411 broke the story about the drunken buffoon that started his disastrous “dash and crash” Ferrari joyride right in the Mile Square!
  2. Slipping and Sliding!
    A relatively minor snow event parlayed into days of icy sidewalks and complaints about irresponsible property owners!
  3. Conflict in Gaza
    Israel’s military offense in Gaza is the world’s top story. Hobokenite’s chime in about it.
  4. Uptown Coffee Choices expand
    Along with waistlines, as a 5th Dunkin’ Donuts opens up shop on 12th and Adams.
  5. Mexican Mice are not shy
    One Hoboken411 reader recounts how rodents have no shame over at East LA restaurant!
  6. Felines get much media attention!
    Not one, but two cats were found on the street – while another was lost, then became found!
  7. People want your deliveries!
    More boxes get stolen right before Christmas in Hoboken!
  8. Awful Holiday Gifts!
    Did you receive any terrible gifts this year?
  9. More on the Bank Board of Education!
    More discussion about the controversial HoLa Dual Language program.
  10. Another cupcake shop for Hoboken!
    With all these places to buy delectable sweets – Hoboken will soon need more gyms.
  11. I bought a HDTV for this crap?
    Readers gripe about the poor signal quality from Cablevision, our local cable company.
  12. Economy now affects weekend Ferry service
    NY Waterway announced that starting today, no more weekend ferry service in Hoboken until at least April 2009.

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