Want to be a Rollergirl?


The Garden State Rollergirls (who often participate in our parades) – are looking for new ladies to join their team. Are you tough enough?


Garden State Rollergirls seek new recruits

Tryouts planned for New Jersey roller derby league

The Garden State Rollergirls are back, and looking for some fresh meat to round out the rollergirl roster!

Garden State Rollergirls will be holding try-outs for prospective rollergirls on January 26 and 28. Skaters can learn the skills they will need to make the cut by attending open practices Mondays from 9:30 to 11:00pm and Wednesdays 9:00 to 11:00pm. Both try-outs and practices are held at the home of the Garden State Rollergirls, the Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center, 7th and Clifton Aves, Newark, NJ.

Tryouts and practices are open to all females, aged 21 and over, with no previous experience required.

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(Garden State Rollergirls need recruits, continued…)

“Many of us started with little to no derby experience,” said Lady Vengeance, captain of the Garden State Rollergirls All-Stars. “But commitment and hard work over the last two years have carved us into athletes.” Remembering their roots as beginners, the women are open to accepting skaters of all skill levels, provided they bring a positive attitude and a will to take a few bumps and bruises on the track.

The league is also seeking referees, statisticians, and other volunteers, all of whom can be male or female.

Skaters must be able to attend at least 2/3 of all practices, and must provide all of their own equipment (quad roller skates, helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads). Monthly dues are $35 (referees and other volunteers do not pay dues). Primary health insurance is recommended but not required. Rental skates will be available for the first practice, and referees may use inline skates.

For more information and to register for tryouts, e-mail recruitment coordinator Betty Brawl at BettyBrawl@gmail.com or visit www.GardenStateRollergirls.com.

About the Garden State Rollergirls

The Garden State Rollergirls are an all-female, skater owned and operated flat-track roller derby league based in northern New Jersey. They recently wrapped up their second season, with kickoff for their third season planned for May 2009.

On the track, the Garden State Rollergirls are fiercely competitive athletes with a splash of rock ‘n roll attitude. Off the track, they are mothers, sisters, professionals and working-class heroes that representing the farthest reaches of northern New Jersey.

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If i remember right a roller girl is a chubby you “roll” in flour and look for a wet spot


Members’ names could be:

Pat, Chris, Ryan, Frankie, Kelly, Terri, Jerri, Charlie, Billie, Cameron, Jamie, Bobbie, Jordan, Quinn, Sam, Hunter, Shelby, Taylor, and of course Robbie.

But Pat is the best name. Don’t ask, don’t tell.


I liked Rollergirl in Boogie Nights.


Rolling from one side of the bed to the other is enough work. :mrgreen: