City Offender Zone? 1/2/2009


Hoboken411 reader David took some shots of what he believed to be vehicles owned by Hoboken Police officers parked illegally. These were shot in the area by the fire hydrant in front of the Bank of America branch on 2nd and Hudson.

Hudson Street is very wide in this location – and while double-parking and hydrant blocking runs rampant in town – this seems like one of those areas where it’s not as big a deal (wide street – just a quick ATM withdrawal, etc.) Furthermore – while you can sort of make out a police shield in one of the pictures – there’s no way to say for sure these cars even belong to an HPD member! So take it with a grain of salt.

A few hydrant-blockers…

“Hi, I’ve been following Hoboken 411s attempt to curb parking abuse, so I thought I’d send some recent pics of cars owned by police parking illegally. Its a common sight, on any given evening there are at least two or three cars way too close to the curb or crowding fire hydrants.. Also, I suppose its obvious, but cars owned by police are not ticketed. All these cars prominently display the police shield, which apparently is a ‘park anywhere’ pass. The parking enforcement guy I talked to made it sound like its the policy of the HPU head to not ticket them.These pictures were taken on Hudson between 1st and 2nd, near the police station.”


Heck – even Google Street Views has a parker blocking the hydrant!!


See a couple more pics after the jump…

A few more pics David sent in:


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I hate when cars that are small enough to fit in a curb spot next to the hydrant park way the frig out in the street. Either double park or block the hydrant, either is bad enough; doing both at the same time is double the annoyance!