Parting Words – on location in Hoboken!


If you want to catch a movie this weekend that was shot on location in Hoboken – set your DVR’s to PBS (Channel 13) on Saturday night at 11:05pm!

See full 20 page press kit here!


Parting Words

Parting Words is a timely blue-collar comedy with an unusual storyline, a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. Everyday folk who are “just trying to get by” form the cast and neighborhood setting for this film to which everyone can all too quickly relate. This story follows the dysfunctional relationship of Vince, Nick and Eddie, three 30-year old men and their childhood best friend, Laura. A little too good-looking and a lot too wild, an intoxicated Laura gets the pot boiling with a shocking toast at her friends’ wedding. The resulting emotional disaster takes the guys, their wives and their small town on a laughter-and-tears journey that dismantles, then reassembles each couple and takes them to a place far better than where they began.

Beautifully shot in HD24P, Parting Words is one of the pioneering digital-era features. Produced on location in Hoboken, New Jersey and the surrounding areas, the cast and crew were assembled from the local New York City talent pool.

See TRAILER, acknowledgments and shot locations after the jump!

(Parting Words, continued…)


Here is their list of thank you’s – and an idea of what places will be seen in the film:

  • Michelle Berman
  • Front Page Chinese Cuisine
  • Mayor David Roberts, City of Hoboken
  • Chief Carmen La Bruno, Hoboken Police Department
  • Chief John Cassesa, Hoboken Fire Department
  • Hoboken Elks Lodge #74
  • Brian and Nicola Solansky
  • Daniel J. Gans, Hoboken Brownstone Co.
  • George Vallone, Hoboken Brownstone Co.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Glatt
  • Hayre and Natalia Kilic, “Wash on Wash”
  • Ignatius De Palma, Pres., A. Oliveri & Sons, Inc.
  • Peter Sucato, Di Feo Buick, Pontiac, GMC.
  • Robert Quinn, Elysian bar
  • Jason Cassesa, Cassesa Management Corp.
  • Miriam Valentin, Carousel’s Hair Salon
  • Rev. Faith Link, Community Church, Hoboken
  • Schnackenberg’s luncheonette, Hoboken
  • Monroe Arts Center, Hoboken


Parting Words Trailer – film shot in Hoboken, NJ from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

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Sidd Finch
Sidd Finch

Finally saw the movie on my DVR. Does the inside of the Character Social club look like that? No idea since I walk by all the time but the door is always closed


I saw them filming the “Nanny Diaries” when I used to live over on First and Hudson two years ago. Scarlett Johansson’s trailer was parked in front of my building. *drool* 😯 😳


[quote comment=”125083″]You have to go back, what 60 years to find another example? :roll:[/quote]

No. Here are a few:

“Leon” aka “The Professional”
“Find Me Guilty”
“Anaylze This”
“Analyze That”
“Funny Money”
“Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”
“Once Upon a Time in America”
“The Perfect Holiday”
“Two Lovers”

there are a lot more


You have to go back, what 60 years to find another example? 🙄


[quote comment=”125067″]Just finished watching the movie, though missed the first half. I think a movie about the characters on this site might have been more interesting. Good effort, fine acting, and nicely shot, but a few too many close-ups, not enough of the ‘boken. Also, I think the screenplay could have used a little more zest. It dropped characters and plot lines for too long- maybe there were too many to manage in this screenplay. Anyway, may this be the first of more films set and shot in Hoboken![/quote]

Ever hear of “On the Waterfront?”