Parking Placard Scammer

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Hoboken411 reader NachoLibre thinks you might want to be aware of this parking scam happening around our area.

bogus parking placard hoboken 1 - Parking Placard Scammer

Lookout for Bogus Placards

“I saw this story on an NYPD message board and thought it was pretty outrageous.

Well last night in front of the Julianna (right on the corner of 6th), I saw a vehicle with the same bogus placard. The guy in that news story had vehicles registered in NY so I don’t know if this guy is related or not, but hopefully if any Hoboken411 reader’s see this clown parked illegally in town, they will report it.

I would be willing to bet 95% of citizens and HPU employees would not know this is totally bogus. Any legit law enforcement placard would have the agency’s information on it. As a law enforcement officer myself, it really annoys me to see someone impersonating an officer or agent.”

bogus parking placard hoboken 2 - Parking Placard Scammer

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Saturday, January 3, 2009 3:56 pm

maybe it’s Mad Dog.

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