Biggest Hoboken Buzz of 2008?

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2008 was a rather tumultuous year in Hoboken (as well as the rest of the country)!

Besides a new president being elected and the economy going down the drain – many things made headlines on a local level. What topic do you feel had the most “buzz” in Hoboken in 2008?


Trouble with City Hall – and your tax dollars

The City of Hoboken was really battered and bruised this year. From Tax Collectors getting sued, budget debacles and property taxes skyrocketing, to educational concerns, the state takeover and open space issues – City Hall was extremely busy! Oh, but we had a nice cave open up by the water.

The Economy – and how it affected Hoboken

Even though layoffs in the financial industry affected many people – a large number of Hoboken residents got squeezed as well. Another issue is the deflation of the real estate market. With big developers now “struggling,” along with the decreased demand – some feel that we haven’t even begun to see the full trickle-down effect. That, combined with the tax increases – who knows what 2009 will be like. But hey – we have a nice movie theater coming! Shouldn’t cost more than a couple bucks, right?

Businesses in General

Each year, businesses come and go in Hoboken. Some more cherished than others. A local favorite, Ted & Jo’s closed up – while a frustrating gym also skipped town. But despite that – new businesses come in and please residents. A delicious cupcake shop satisfied sweet teeth, and a burger joint filled bellies as well. The Merry-go-Round of shops in town never seems to get boring. And it 2009 – we’ll get to check out the first ever luxury Hotel – as the W Hotel opens it’s doors.

Flames are hot – and deadly!

Hoboken had it’s share of bad fires this year. With two deadly infernos at 1202 Hudson and 1203 Washington. The first major fire of 2008 was a dive bar that was gutted, quickly renovated and got a fresh new look. That bar now leads the “pub league” with the most noise complaints from neighbors.

Infrastructure Crumbling apart

Hoboken’s sewage system is the pits. Water mains seem to be breaking at a more frequent pace than ever and flooding still takes place regularly. Additionally – despite some spotty fresh paving around town this year – the knee-deep potholes still outnumber the smooth roadways.

Other top stories

From an alleged racist act involving a Turban at Madison Bar, to the big NJ Transit proposed development downtown, many other single events belong on the buzz list. Like that Lackawanna clock tower, the Giants winning the Super Bowl, a former Councilman finally finishing his DUI court case, but there are too many others to name!

What do you think had the most overall buzz in 2008?

And the Winner is…


(And if you need a reminder – you can see all the “Hoboken Week in Review” stories here – there were over 50 lists published this year!)

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