2008 Hoboken business year in review


C’est la vie 2008!

hoboken 411 for locals 2009 - 2008 Hoboken business year in reviewContinuing the annual tradition here at Hoboken411.com, I present you with a mostly complete list of businesses that came, left or changed in 2008!

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Dishing out your usual news stories, wacky political debacles, fires, murders, and local business updates – 411 continued to grow in 2008 – 30% more reader traffic, 50% increase in registered users, and over a quarter million unique visitors each month! (in fact a total of more than 15 million minutes were spent reading Hoboken411 in 2008 so far!)

Although there are over 6,000 entries (and 125,000 user comments) published here on H411, you don’t see most of the work that takes place at “command central.” Since I manage every aspect of this website – a considerable amount (most) of time is spent “off the air” and behind the scenes. Thousands of weekly emails, technical and design work, and exhaustive planning is also on my plate. The funny thing is that to this day – I still get countless email testimonials indicating that “you guys do a great job!” I’m honored that what I produce leads readers to believe that a team of individuals are running the show. But as always, it’s the community – YOU – that ties all the loose ends together and makes 411 so valuable. 2009 here we come!

More than just business!

Anyway, most of us know what the big stories were this year – The budget debacle, giant property tax increase and state takeover, some big fires (1203 Wash, 1202 Hudson and a previously dumpy dive bar), and tragic loss of lives (the viaduct car wreck, a murder in the projects, and a DWI bar owner). This, on top of the regular failure of city infrastucture (water mains mostly), city council meetings and much more! But that’s not the purpose of this post…

Show me the stats!

(feel free to let me know if I overlooked any in the comments section)

  • Around 30 businesses are gone (or relocated)
  • Over 50 new businesses came to Hoboken!
  • And several others wanted to – but never came to fruition

So what came and went in 2008?
Find out after the jump…

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(2008 Hoboken Business Year in Review, continued…)

Open, announced or relocated in 2008

(in no particular order)

  1. Cluck-U Chicken (any day now)
  2. Viola Vita
  3. Clearview Cinemas
  4. Good Breed
  5. Piri Piri BBQ (2009)
  6. So Green Yogurt (2009)
  7. Ameritel
  8. Kebab House
  9. Hoboken Bar & Grill (2009)
  10. W Hotel (2009)
  11. Chandelier Room at W Hotel (2009)
  12. Ciao Belly
  13. Revival Vintage Boutique
  14. Peper Apparel (relocated and combined with Parlor Shoes)
  15. Black Tea Optional
  16. Town House 620
  17. Verizon Wireless (downtown – 2009)
  18. Verizon Wireless (uptown)
  19. Energy Kitchen (very soon)
  20. William Howard Home
  21. Dunkin Donuts (12th and Adams)
  22. Pleasant Road Spa (finally)
  23. Uptown Commerce Center / Strip Mall (unoccupied now)
  24. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  25. Battaglia’s (uptown)
  26. Dames Espresso
  27. Dor ‘L Dor
  28. Primetime Learning Center
  29. WeeCare Occupational Therapy
  30. Zippy Cleaners
  31. Creative Groove Studio
  32. Backyards Bistro
  33. CrossFit Hoboken
  34. World of Wonder Daycare
  35. NJ Skate Shop
  36. French Nails
  37. Prime Place Convenience
  38. M&C Chi First Spa
  39. Starbucks (midtown)
  40. Juniors Papaya
  41. Eva’s Shoes
  42. Bin 14
  43. Edible Arrangements
  44. Bright Beginnings Day Care
  45. Hi So Thai (Weehawken)
  46. Volonte Shoes
  47. Fedex / Kinko’s
  48. Bella Ro
  49. Liberty Gourmet
  50. Buzz Cuts (uptown)
  51. Bloom Spa (2009)
  52. Sweet
  53. LA Boxing
  54. Dino & Harry’s (just a name change)

Closed (or moved) in 2008

  1. Empire Fitness!
  2. Cupo Realty (in and out like that)
  3. Peper Apparel (moved to 10th and Wash)
  4. Parlour Shoes (moved in with Peper)
  5. Galerie Antienette
  6. Santa Fe Touch (the doomed 14th and Bloom spot)
  7. Frankie & Johnnie’s (Just changed name to Dino & Harry’s)
  8. Hera Couture
  9. Emack & Bolio’s
  10. Good Kleen Fun
  11. About a Girl
  12. Bridge Boutique
  13. I Love Sushi (who the heck knows)
  14. Exit Hoboken Realty (literally)
  15. Metro Homes, LLC
  16. Wee Beasties
  17. Yeung II Chinese (combined with Tokugawa)
  18. Battaglia’s (midtown)
  19. Creative Little Monsters
  20. The Cup Joint
  21. Hudson Printing
  22. Life “pop up” store (doomed 14th and Bloom spot)
  23. NY Milkshake Company
  24. Fabco Shoes
  25. Sleep Cheap (finally left Hoboken)
  26. Mailboxes, etc. (skyrocketing rent)
  27. Gala Pilates (too good for Hoboken)
  28. Ted & Jo’s (more greedy landlords)
  29. Sprint Cell phone store
  30. Piccininni Salumeria

Announced at some point – but didn’t open

  1. Philly Soft Pretzels
  2. Bark Place (never managed to open)
  3. City Diner (doomed before opening)
  4. The Candy Shoppe (sign is still up though)
  5. Mario Michele Photo Studio (still waiting)
  6. Studio Z Salon (forever with that sign up)
  7. Elevation Burger (not sure what happened to them)
  8. Kindercare (economic reasons)

As usual – my level of interest in ANYTHING begins to tail off after a certain amount of time – and as a result – I’m “wrapping up” and will pick it up at a later point (to correct some of the omissions from the above lists.)

Thanks again for all your readership and contributions. Stay in touch – and may 2009 not be as bad as they’re predicting!

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Don’t forget about Louis Picardo, our City’s Tax Collector — just ups and builds an entire new level on top of his building without any variance, and THEN announces that he had not one but TWO ILLEGAL APARTMENTS the entire time he has owned the building.

THEN we find out that he has the LOWEST assessment of ANY private home on Castle Point terrace (non-land).

Yes. PLEASE — let’s not forget the Criminal that has created so much trouble in our great City.


Don’t forget about Empire Fitness!


Does anyone know when we can put our dead Christmas trees out on the curb for trash pick up?