Worst Holiday gift of the season?


Now that the Holiday-Hype is pretty much behind us (stay tuned for “dismal economic news” next), I’m sure many of you received just awful gifts. (Like how many folks really received a shiny new 2009 Lexus with a bow on it? Ha!)

Whether it’s that ugly sweater from your grandmother, a pathetic and thoughtless office grab-bag trinket, or this downright tasteless gift that a Hoboken411 reader received this year:


The most tasteless gift ever

“I just received the worst holiday gift ever, and thought maybe you could start a thread where others could add their two cents. Mine? A calendar from the funeral parlour that cremated my husband! Who wants a reminder like that to hang on the wall?

I was appalled at the bad taste!

Merry Christmas!”

What lame gifts did you get this year?

Oh – here’s a prank played on a kid who dreamed of an Xbox 360 for Christmas. His expression is priceless when he opens the box!

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I just find the video to be disturbing. To find humor in a child not getting his wish is cruel. Even though a set up, Its on the verge of abuse. And AFV I don’t find amusing either. Strange people making a buck on the expense of innocent children especially their own is out and out wrong.


The reason this story came up again after a year is because Matt Drudge and team remembered this story and the pledge by the family to post a second video that they swore they gave him a game system. The family never posted that second vid. Drudge called them on it after giving a year to post it.

Now, if you pay attention at the end of the vid, the brother told him that he was actually going to get a game system afterall – one of those XBOX controller looking joysticks with old school arcade games preloaded that you connect controller directly into the TV. An imitation XBOX controller, not an XBOX 360 itself.

I can’t believe some of you are defending the family. It’s plainly wrong what they did. It’s one thing to play a joke, and then minutes later surprising the kid with the real thing. But they chose the more selfish route.


Are you people seriously getting upset about some video that’s over a year old? I’m sure they kid has gotten over it by now.


411, you actually think his disappointment is about not getting the xbox? It’s not about the xbox and there’s no lesson here for him to learned or to be grateful. That is an example of sadistic parenting. They set him up purposely to sacrifice him for a laugh. That’s what he’s stunned about. And I seriously doubt this is the first time it’s happened to him, he’s probably ridiculed all the time. My guess is that’s why he’s so excited that he thought he actually got what he wanted. For any of you who think this is a lesson learned or don’t see the gravity of neglect of that child, please don’t become parents.


[quote comment=”124288″]I was horrified when I saw that so I looked it up…….
the real story:

My mom decides to buy my brother an Xbox 360 for christmas. We leave that night and return the next morning to find he has sneaked a look….just as my mom thought he would, this is the result…and yes he did get the game i will try to post the second video
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