Christmas Day water main break

12/26/2008 Update:

OK – so this water main break wasn’t as big as this geyser from a while back. But Hoboken411 reader Mike lives in the building right next to the mess and said:

Water Pipe Break – A Christmas Spectacular

“Hoboken 411, Long time reader, First time submitter,

The water pipe break this morning was actually right in front of our driveway. The bricks and surround sidewalk area were all messed up with water rising very fast from the bricks.
Oh yeah, we found this out as we were trying to leave to go visit our family on Christmas.Ha, you can’t leave a water main broke in your driveway… Merry Christmas!

Our car was stuck in the garage so we had to make a bridge with planks and speed over just in case the bricks caved in when we went over it. Then we spent over an hour just sweeping the water out of garage which would fill back up twice as fast. I think that the United Water guys finally arrived, and began their Christmas Day clean up.

Our pal, Rocco, from the city was there taking care of it on Christmas instead spending his time with his children.

Went home around 2:30, got back up around 8:30 to them digging up the ground and pumping a bunch of water out with jackhammer and heavy machinery. They said it should be fixed soon. Then see about our new swimming pool in the front of our building.”

Here’s a brief video along with a picture gallery! Thanks Mike & Jeff!

Little Water main break on 8th street in Hoboken from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.



Hoboken’s aging infrastructure doesn’t get any days off for Holidays!

Right now, there’s a worsening condition over at 468 8th street. An officer on the scene said there’s an apparent water main break that is starting to come out of the sidewalk and beginning to flood the driveway in the back of 734 Adams Street. He suggested that United Water be called to rectify the situation, and another officer is en route to review the conditions.

“Deck the halls with brown tap water,
Fa la la la la – la la la la.
‘Tis the season taxpayers get slaughtered,
Fa la la la la – la la la la…….”

hoboken water main break christmas day 8th street - Christmas Day water main break

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