Still icy in Hoboken


Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Will Santa slip and fall in Hoboken?

Just a little “good morning” to ya all, be advised that despite it being above freezing and raining out – conditions are still treacherous out there.

Roads are icy all over the place (the Hoboken Police advising all patrolmen to “exercise caution”) – and the NJ Transit buses in north Jersey are on a 45-60 minute delay.

And in case you schlepped around all week at a slower rate, here’s one for ya: No matter what, Hoboken’s intersections always seem to be problematic – if it’s not the parked cars and lack of visibility, it’s the mini ice-skating rinks at every block.

OK – the city plows the street – the residents shovel their sidewalks – but NO ONE takes responsibility for the space in between! Seriously – this was aggravating to traverse all week!


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MR — be careful with the snowboard or you might require a backboard. Last year or the year before, I took a very sorry young lady to the hospital when she went a lot further down that slope than she’d bargained for. 😐


Thanks Max. My dad will be receiving a pair in a few days.


[quote comment=”124195″]Stabilicers work quite well when hiking in the winter and worked great when walking my dogs this morning.