Any Christmas Orphans?


A Hoboken411 reader brought up a good point recently: What do all the “Christmas Orphans” do?

hoboken christmas orphans - Any Christmas Orphans?

You all alone in Hoboken this Christmas?

Now by “Christmas Orphan,” I don’t mean those that fall under a different religion and see movies and eat Chinese food on Xmas day – I mean devout Christmas followers that:

  • Sadly don’t have a family to visit anymore
  • Family may be too far
  • Families that get together at different times during the year (like before or after)
  • and so on…. (family disputes, amnesia, true orphans, etc.)

I may be a “slight” Christmas Orphan – because my family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve (my thought is because where my family originated – it was officially Christmas earlier than here in the states). We have a low-key gathering and share our holiday joy – and basically that’s it. On Christmas Day – other than phone calls – not much happens!

So, if there are any Christmas Orphans out there in Hoboken this week – whattaya think? The reader that I talked to suggested some kind of gathering, celebration for people without families to visit. Music, games, food, drink and other fun festivities to share some holiday joy with others.

If anyone else is just milling around Hoboken on Xmas day – please email me at – it might be an interesting time to get together at some point!

And from what I recall – there has to be at least a couple bars in town that are open later in the night – you never know! It could be fun!

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Kooky, I frequent three a’s all the time and love the place. I was referring to those other two bars. Perhaps you shouldn’t jump down people’s throats, and read who I was responding to? 🙄

kooky kat

[quote comment=”124200″]Clever comment, but has nothing to do with any regulars. I’d rather not get into specifics here. let’s just say karma has a great way of coming back around.[/quote]

Yea, karma has finally bitten the owner of AAA’s in the ass. After years of being probably the most generous bar owner (of one of my many regular places over the years) I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 🙄

For the record, pretty much any and all irish pubs are open on christmas and christmas eve. I know The Brownstone is open. Morans too.

Merry Chrismas, Evelyn. To you, and that bug up your ass! 🙂


Clever comment, but has nothing to do with any regulars. I’d rather not get into specifics here. let’s just say karma has a great way of coming back around.

Town Drunk
Town Drunk

Why no love for the dubliner or mcswiggans evelyn??

strand tramp
strand tramp

already spread your “cheer” with all the regulars in those bars?