Winter Foot Gear


With the recent snow and cold weather – staying warm and dry (and un-bruised) is paramount! Here is what Hoboken411 is doing to stay warm, dry and unscathed:

Gore-Tex footwear!!

gore-tex-diagram-2.jpgI wear shorts all year round (even today with wind-chills below zero!) – but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep the rest of my body warm!

And since I also wear sneakers most of the time (boots when there’s a LOT of snow) – having Gore-Tex fabric in your shoes makes a HUGE difference. I have a great pair of North Face sneakers that I’m liking these days – and another pair from Merrell that keep me warm and dry.

Search all the Gore-Tex shoes over at

What is your favorite winter footwear?

What about that nasty & slippery ice?

You can have the best and warmest shoes on earth – but unless made specifically for ice – you’re going to run the risk of slipping and falling. And with Hoboken’s icy sidewalks already classified in the “dangerous conditions” category – I needed to take action.


Searching Google this morning led me to the Skyrunner website – where they had a great idea to put 3/8″ self-threading screws in the sole of your sneakers. Brilliant!

However, I didn’t have enough self-threading screws in stock (only one – haha!) – so I decided to improvise and use a heavy-duty staple-gun instead. Found an old pair of smelly sneakers and stapled away! I felt it was important to arrange the staples in an “X” or “+” pattern, since they’d likely get embedded flush into the sole really quickly otherwise.

I have to say, it improved my traction about 90%! While I highly doubt I could sprint on sheets of pure ice – I was able to walk with more confidence. This was good for about a 1.5 mile walk – but I’d recommend the screw-method as mentioned earlier for better, longer-lasting results. If I head out to the store this week, I’ll pick some up and update this thread as necessary. (Who knows, maybe this will be one of Hoboken411’s “services” offered in the future?)

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ron mexico2
ron mexico2

broomball shoes – made for running on ice


You guys are all going about it the wrong way. Ice skates are the only way to get around town. That or a couple of old tennis rackets 20 lbs before present.

strand tramp
strand tramp

Murder, have you ever seen a crampon? do you just have a bunch of crap rattling around in your skull and you just puke it up whenever a key word passes by your eyes? you are an idiot. crampons have hardened teeth that are usually over an inch long and must be strapped onto appropriate boots. you think trying to cross washington with 10 spike steel toothed crampons strapped to your street shoes is a good idea? you are severely retarded.


[quote comment=”123873″]was I supposed to take them off before using the 5/8 staples because now I can’t get them off and my feet are starting to hurt something awful! 8O[/quote]
Nice post! Hilarious.

I like my sorel snow bird boots – they’re rated for -32 degree weather and I haven’t fallen on my behind yet!

Tama Murden

Cramp-ons that hikers use can be a good solution, so you don’t damage the sole w/screws & staples.