What’s up with our sidewalks?


I didn’t check the Chinese calendar – but is this the year of “Lazy?”

Hoboken411 received countless emails about the lack of attention many Hoboken sidewalks received during our recent snow storm.

Like one reader near Monroe and 7th who said she almost fell as the paths were covered with an inch or two of ice, and another who was mad that not only did it seem like no one shovels or salts anymore – but also the lack of dog-dropping pickups! The phrase “sheets of ice” was used repeatedly – and others wondered – since our city is suffering financially, why aren’t they issuing tickets??

Did any of you face-plant this morning or this weekend?

hoboken sidewalks are terrible sheets of ice 1 - What's up with our sidewalks?
hoboken sidewalks are terrible sheets of ice 2 - What's up with our sidewalks?
hoboken sidewalks are terrible sheets of ice 3 - What's up with our sidewalks?

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Tama Murden

My understanding is, a couple of folks in the Environmental Services Dept. are tasked with monitoring our walkways.

Whether snow’s on them or not.

And to cite folks for maintenance/repair.

Oh well….


sunflower, it’s that large red (old) multi-floor building on 8th and Clinton, in which the building across from it (N.E. corner) is a part of the group (they store bananas there). These two buildings on the north side of each are never ever de-iced. They clear the front of the larger building (large garage doors) only, but nothing else. So if you walk along 8th (south side) from Willow to Clinton and Clinton on down, you’ll walk at least an entire block on ice, maybe more.

Otherwise, I’d agree with you on the other locations. As well, the iciest for some reason is the south east corner of 7th and Willow. Instead of rouch snow and ice, it becomes a sheet of thick ice – impossible to go through without Mission Impossible tactics.


Hey MR – I said the worst I’ve seen, not necessarily the worst in town. Where is the old wonderbread factory?


How do these people get away with it? I get a violation if my garbage can is left out too long.


i’ve nearly bit it numerous times since the snow started. it’s quite amazing that someone hasn’t gotten sued big time in this city yet.