Hoboken Week in Review – 12/21/2008


Christmas is this week!

Most of us will be entering the Holiday “slow down” (or speed up) mode this week!

As a final holiday reminder for those who like to do things online (and last minute) – don’t forget to use Hoboken411’s Amazon.com affiliate account! Every purchase made using that link helps keep 411 going! And you can still get your stuff before Christmas!!! Anyway….

Here again, are the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday December 21, 2008!

hoboken411 week in review hoboken revolt - Hoboken Week in Review - 12/21/2008

The 10 Hottest topics of the week

  1. Property Tax OUTRAGE!
    Hundreds of protesters gather in front of City Hall to tell the Mayor where to stick it!
  2. Tax collector case continues…
    The issue with city tax collector Louis Picardo and questionable zoning variances carries on.
  3. Burned alive!
    Sad incident of woman who burst into flames when nightgown got too close to the stove. R.I.P.
  4. School Board shenanigans
    The Hoboken Board of Education meeting once again drums up conversation.
  5. Here kitty, kitty, kitty…
    A cute cat is allowed to escape by careless building workers.
  6. Good chicken finally coming to town!
    Many of us can’t wait till Cluck-U chicken opens their doors!
  7. With the bad economy comes good lunch deals!
    Napoli’s Pizza gives you incentives to eat there for lunch.
  8. Busker’s has new ownership
    A simple “Hoboken photo of the day” gets readers talking about previous bad experiences.
  9. Stealing parking spots from the handicapped
    A Reader Photo about a cop car in a parking spot not meant for them ticks a few people off.
  10. View from the WTC
    Another reader photo of Hoboken from the Twin Towers brings back memories.

Event Calendar

Don’t forget to check the Hoboken411 event calendar!

Not much going on this week – as most people will be gearing up for the big holiday!

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