A lame snow picture contest


Take some snowy pictures!

Three days ago, local weather geeks were having kittens about an anticipated big snowstorm for the NYC tri-state area.

As time progressed, and “computer models” changed back and forth, it seems like our big storm doesn’t have the same “punch” they initially expected (and hoped for). Instead, we’re probably going to receive a couple inches of the white stuff – along with sleet, freezing rain and possible straight rain, holding down the accumulation amounts. Those folks lucky enough to live north and west of here will receive the most.

Regardless – there will be a weather event today, and I want to give away another gift certificate!

So when (or if) any kind of snow starts falling – get your cameras out – and simply snap some pictures in Hoboken and send them to hoboken411@gmail.com. Please put “snow photo contest” in the subject – or it might get overlooked.

The criteria for this contest is:

  • Photo quality
  • Subject quality
  • My mood when making the decision

Since we’re expected to have on and off snow periods throughout the weekend – I’m closing this contest on Sunday night at 11:59pm.

What’s the prize?

Well, the second place winner for the dopey Ugly Sweater Contest I ran this week still hasn’t picked what gift certificate they want (c’mon already Kathy!) – so it’ll either be a $100 Town Home No. 620 certificateor a Free Haircut over at the Ferrazz Hair salon. (she picked the haircut).

Send your pictures in – or I’m friggin giving the gift certificate to a friend. Screw that!

Here’s one photo I took back in February of 2008:


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Friday, December 19, 2008 10:35 am

like the picture of the park. Very peaceful.

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