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single a documentary film logo - Video: Being single not tabooHas anyone seen the movie “Single: a documentary film” at all?

It’s a “fitting” film, since Hoboken is considered one of the “best places for singles over 30” to live in America (According to CNN at least).

Someone recommended the film to me, and I bought a copy from Amazon (got it yesterday). They apparently create the DVDs “on demand,” and I haven’t seen the DVD for rental anywhere (although you can also watch on demand on Amazon). I’ll watch it this weekend and let you know my thoughts. Also, when I’m done – I’d be glad to let anyone borrow the DVD (in case you don’t want to buy it).

Single? You’re in good company.

single in hoboken - Video: Being single not tabooThere are 100 million unmarried adults in America and for the first time ever, the majority of US households are headed by an unmarried person.

Find that surprising?

The simple explanation is that we marry later, divorce a lot, and live longer. But there’s more to it than that. Today’s life is more complex, intense, and demanding.

As a result, finding and maintaining a lasting relationship has become even more challenging.

  • The accelerated evolution of women in the latter part of the 20th century has resulted in many more lifestyle choices for both men and women.
  • We live in a youth obsessed, instant gratification, attention deficit world.
  • Our expectations of finding the “perfect” partner and maintaining the “perfect” relationship have never been higher.

The game has dramatically changed. Should you have a plan?

Here are some stats about singles in America:

Single Statistics

  • 100 million adults in the US are currently single.
  • The majority of US households are now headed by an unmarried person.
  • Singles account for $1.6 trillion in annual consumer spending.
  • Nearly 40% of US babies are now born out of wedlock. Highest rate: US Virgin Islands at 70.8%
  • Single people make up 44% of the US workforce.
  • 86%-90% of Americans will get married.
  • The US divorce rate is the lowest it’s been since 1970.
  • Singles account for 36% of voters in the US.
  • Unmarried women are the largest group of non-voters in the US.
  • The majority of single women are homeowners. Single women are 22% of new home buyers compared to 9% of single men.

Also – here is a “Single in Hoboken?” article I wrote about a year ago – I totally forgot about this one!

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