Stuff getting lost left and right


Here’s a “two-fer” Thursday edition of “Hoboken lost (not found).”

We have a lost “international” phone and some eyeglasses and a case. Anyone?


First item is an “International” Nokia 6300:
“It was Nokia 6300 in silver look with SWISSCOM logo on the top. I was visiting several apartments with the Realtor from Weichert Realtors after 3 p.m. and I am pretty sure that I lost the phone on the way from one apartment to others.

I am read to pay 100 USD like a finder fee, I have all my addresses, e-mails and phones in this phone and for me it is like a disaster.”

Next item is some eyeglasses, in a case that doesn’t look like an eyeglass case:
“I lost my glasses somewhere between the Hoboken Train Station and 2nd/Grand on Friday around 10PM. They were in a lavender and white striped case and had two cleaning cloths on the inside of the case. One light purple, the other blue. The blue cloth has my eye doctor’s contact information on it. The case looks more like a makeup case than eye glasses.”

Email if you have found these – and I’ll put you in touch with the respective owner.

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