Hoboken Week in Review – 12/14/2008


11 days left till Christmas!

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Have you even started?

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So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday December 14, 2008?

hoboken411 week in review hoboken bar and grill - Hoboken Week in Review - 12/14/2008

The 12 Hottest topics of the week

  1. Will the new Bar & Grill succeed?
    A new bar/restaurant called “Hoboken Bar & Grill” will be opening up in the next month or two. Readers talk about it.
  2. How low will they go?
    The Economy is having a profound effect on Real Estate pricing in Hoboken. When will it bottom out?
  3. Once reliable, not so much anymore
    Our local cable company is slipping, as customers are complaining about the internet and crappy TV signal.
  4. Fishy Vomit
    Garden of Eden seems to be making folks sick. Maybe it’s because they can’t bring the garbage outside anymore?
  5. SAVE your commute!
    Hoboken411 announces a new partnership with CleverCommute.com – you’ll be thankful once you avoid an awful commute! Sign up today!
  6. Don’t wear white after November 1st
    Is usually my tip to people. What tips do you give holiday workers you see all year?
  7. Beating and Killing each other
    More brutal beatings in the projects, just days after one man was murdered.
  8. Drink, Swerve, Crash THEN Run
    Hit and run accidents in Hoboken usually entail an inebriated driver. This time on Sinatra Drive.
  9. Welcome to Hoboken!
    A couple new stores opened up recently. Viola Vita, a high-end Italian handbag store, as wel as “doomed store takeover artist” Good Breed, a miscellaneous men’s shop.
  10. 5,500 and counting
    The Hoboken411 “Rant Corner” is chock full of complaints – reaching the stratosphere in terms of comments! Read and post yours today!
  11. Rest in Peace, Steve
    A memorial was finally held for a much loved community member.
  12. A rad Hoboken biz
    A Hoboken411 reader profiles Bustin Boards, a cool skateboard/longboard manufacturer in our very city!

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