Hoboken DUI Checkpoints


As approved in last week’s council meeting, Hoboken started participating in New Jersey’s “Over the Limit Under Arrest 2008” crackdown on drunk drivers this past Monday, December 8th. The program, in cooperation with the NJ State Police, will be running through January 2, 2009. Hoboken will be treated to random DUI checkpoints and patrols on the lookout for drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence.


Are occasional sobriety checks enough?

Here’s the real question: With pedestrians being struck, cars being smashed, city officials driving drunk, ex-mayors driving drunk, and even bar owners driving drunk and killing their friends, don’t you think this should be PERMANENT?

Especially in a town known for the concentrated abundance of alcohol-serving establishments and narrow streets, it should be priority number one to make Hoboken a “safe town” and not just have hit-or-miss (no pun intended) spot checks like this. And what is announcing it going to do? Just prevent the self-admitting chronic drunk drivers from coming to town till the crackdown is over?

More wasteful programs about common sense

stupid-pedestrian-safety-program.jpgOh, speaking of Pedestrian Safety – Hoboken is having another “Pedestrian Safety Project” (dubbed “Walk Safe Hoboken 2009”) again. The city website once again details the program, which is slated to begin on January 1st, 2009 – and how they’ll spend the $18,000 grant from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety on “education” and “awareness.”

My goodness – while the intention and scope of the project is all well and good – for Christ’s sake – let Darwin take care of the problem. If you need to be “educated” about “Human vs. two ton vehicle,” then a flier saying “cross at the green and not in between” isn’t going to help you much.

Maybe they should take that $18,000 stock up on scissors and ribbons. At least they’ll get used!

I need some sleep!

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Can it be used for drugNbust at the housing projects? ❓


Over the Limit / Under Arrest.

According to the city budget, it’s a $5,000 grant, same as last year. Dunno what the HPD will do with it…dinner and drinks at Lua, perhaps?