Cable Modem problems?


Thought I’d bring this up today. Has anyone else been suffering with cable-modem outages?

hoboken cable modem outages - Cable Modem problems?

I’ve received several reader mails asking if any other residents are also having the same problems.

My last cable modem had gone out increasingly more often – and it was the sole reason I switched to Verizon FiOS. The FiOS internet hasn’t gone out once since I had it installed, in case you were wondering!

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Hoboken411 you get a star for getting a credit from cablevision 🙂 everytime I try to get a credit they keep switching me to different service rep’s with accent’s. I spend more time trying to figure out what they are saying (I have a problem hearing)… I give up. ❗


LOL some of you are funny:) Well, we only have electric and it doubled in the last year….and we dont use the heat machine (GE again) on the window anymore…we wear alot of sweats…just too expensive. Too bad they dont make solar pannels for the window sils or windows for apartments.

Elain, for PSEG electric we pay .056 per KWH for distribution….I am still amazed at that, Electric has no storage, its not like gas where it has to be delivered, transformed and stored. The big issue today is storage of renewable energy, and if someone could figure out how to store energy they will be rich. So why are they charging us approx. 6 cents just for distribution of electric. Then adding approx .125 for supply. Total of approx. 17.5 in electric fees per KWH. PSEG

With your solar home from the 70’s, WOW thats a long time ago, when solar just came out (lov Carter)….I would think they have come along way with solar today. I wonder what the difference in your electric bill now with general electric compared to what you were paying with solar?

Journey, bingo its the cablevision box….why do we need the box?


[quote comment=”123663″]Agreed – the internet is flawless. However, I’ve read that some people HATE the TV FiOS – saying the channel guide thing-a-ma-bob is the worst ever.

I’m sticking with my DirecTV HD DVR – I called them up the other day to tell them I was contemplating switching – and they gave me $10 off my bill for the next six months. *shrugs*[/quote]

Dunno about FiOS, but the channel guide on my new HD cable box is slower than the guide on my old non-HD box. WTF? It’s 0’s and 1’s, why would the new tech. run slower than the old stuff? What, is it secretly running Windows Vista on the inside? Can’t I get a Mac or Linux box instead? 😯


On no… now they know I was shopping online for baby cloths… I have shirt that says “My dad is geek.” I need one that says “My mom is a geek.”


[quote comment=”123666″]for the past few weeks Verizon has been at the corner of 5th and Adams. I hope they are stringing the wires for FIOS.[/quote]

That’s just he FBI doing surveillance on you.